Is anyone does the Shrewsbury 10k this year?

KA Karen

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  1. KA

    Karen CallumsRuns.I can't find anything about Ludlow 10k. When is it? I've got to try slowly to get over read morethat 10k, which I think is going to be the hardest part.

    0 22 Mar 17
  2. CallumsRuns

    CallumsRuns Well done Karen, awesome time! Ludlow 10k has just been announced as well I think I'll have to get my teeth into that one!

    1 22 Mar 17
  3. KA

    Karen Twilight-Runner Stevie, Yes it was very breezy especially across the English bridge! Although it was read morehilly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. ( Finally found a positive for living in a hilly area!) Market Drayton is the next challenge for me. Hope you are feeling better and are getting out again.

    0 21 Mar 17
  4. Twilight-Runner Stevie

    Twilight-Runner Stevie Well done, Karen. Good time. Was the weather quite breezy?

    1 20 Mar 17
  5. KA

    Karen I did it! 58.41

    1 20 Mar 17
  6. KA

    Karen Can anyone help?

    0 12 Mar 17
  7. KA

    Karen Twilight-Runner Stevie story to hear you have been poorly and you Rent doing the 10K. To be honest I read morecan't say I'm looking forward to it, but I have to do it now.

    0 12 Mar 17
  8. Twilight-Runner Stevie

    Twilight-Runner Stevie Hi Karen & Callum. Unfortunately, I've pulled out of the Shrewsbury run, due to a nose/throat read moreinfection. It wasn't majorly bad, but enough for the doctor to advise me against training for a while.

    Whatever it was seems to have cleared now, but it's a bit too late to get myself back in proper shape in just one week, as I have been out of action for four.

    I did notify the organizers, who have deferred me to next year. Yet despite their assurance that I wouldn't receive anything in the post for this year, I still received my number in the post today!

    But not to worry about missing this one, I'm doing the Birmingham 10k on 30 April, & may be able to squeeze in another one before then. On top of that, there's a lot more I plan to do after Birmingham. I'm hoping this will be a big running year for me.

    Good luck with the Shrewsbury run yourself, Karen. :)

    0 10 Mar 17
  9. CallumsRuns

    CallumsRuns I live in Telford and have to stay in Shrewsbury regularly, it is a hilly area, the half marathon is read moreinfamous around these parts as is the ironbridge half!

    0 8 Mar 17
  10. KA

    Karen Have you had your race number?

    0 8 Mar 17
  11. KA

    Karen I wished you hadn't told me that! Where I live its very hilly so I had better get a move on!

    0 18 Feb 17
  12. Twilight-Runner Stevie

    Twilight-Runner Stevie Hi Karen. I'm doing it, I've just joined up for it today. It's supposed to be a tough course, but read moreI'll relish the challenge. I hope the weather is okay on the day. :)

    0 18 Feb 17