Long run and unhelpful passer-by comments

It's my first marathon and I ran 18 miles yesterday for the first time- I should feel elated but I suddenly just want to quit! I'm a slow runner (probably over 5.5 hour marathon finish) and yesterday in the last say 4 miles I was hurting, hanging on, running slow. I had people start to comment as I passed them, making fun of how slow I was running. In my last mile, I was in agony- I passed two teenage girls who said "look at that lady and how terrible she is at running". At that point I had to sit down and have a bit of a cry. Wondering what on earth I'm doing signing up for this. I'm not great at running I'm not fast, but I'm running at the minute 30 miles a week doing my best. But I feel like I have no business doing this. I know I should think "to hell with those people and their comments" but it's hurt my confidence so badly. Has anyone else had experience with people being a bit mean to them on runs?

WI Windinthewillows

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  1. CallumsRuns

    CallumsRuns Never take into account what people are saying around you, what makes you an incredible lady is the read moreperseverance and all the hard work to get to that point of running 18 miles! That's an admirable feet in itself!

    1 24 hrs
  2. JA

    Janice No don't lose hope. Just be on the decision you have taken. Do not bother about those stupid people. read more Only you know how much struggle you have made, so be their and give your best.

    1 29 Apr 17
  3. Michelle J

    Michelle J To be able to run 18, no, 20 miles is an amazing achievement. I wouldn't say you weren't great at read morerunning. In fact I'd say you are pretty awesome! What does it matter if you're slower than Mo or Paula. Most of us are! I'm not quick either and I've been heckled in the past by kids on bikes. I just told them they were brave, which they didn't understand and gave me time to move on. We've all felt like complete rubbish at the end of a long run too, so these mindless people aren't worthy of tying your runners, so you carry on and nail that marathon! And it doesn't matter how slow you think you are, you are moving faster than everyone sitting on the sofa... Good luck!

    1 28 Apr 17
  4. TR

    Tracey Omg!! You ran 18 miles !! You go girl and carry on what you at doing, ignore the negativity, and I read morecan bet as much money the teenager school kid would not I repeat would not be able to even come close to you on running miles and she will be fit as a fiddle and 1/4 of your age! Keep doing the good work your amazing, next time someone says any thing to you ,just remind them when your "exhausted /tired /sweating /red hot " that you have done many miles just before hand.....keeping going your fab

    1 26 Apr 17
  5. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison What you are doing is fantastic, you must keep it up. Sometimes some people are a bit daft, but read morethen you look at that chap helping the other runner over the line at London yesterday and it fills you full of joy of the good in people.

    I ran the Longhorn Marathon at the same time and good will between runners was really something special ... the encouragement you got when you clearly needed it was uplifting. So whilst there are some special kind of idiots about, there are also some very special kind folk.

    Best of luck at Sterling, it sounds like you are well on track to me.

    1 25 Apr 17
  6. boywithfarawayeyes

    boywithfarawayeyes Sounds like you're well back on track, congratulations on the 20, the marathon will be fine now even read moreif you don't manage the second 20 (I know I missed most of March due to illness and finished mine on Sunday). Good luck with Stirling you'll do great so don't listen to the negativity on the streets or indeed in your own mind.

    1 25 Apr 17
  7. WI

    Windinthewillows You guys have all helped my confidence so much. I have since run 20 miles! Then ran 14 last week read moreand this week I am planning to do one more 20 mile run before tapering and then the Stirling marathon on 21 May. I must confess I picked a route with just sheep and bunnies and no people. They are much kinder when they see me struggling! You guys rock thank you so much XX

    5 24 Apr 17
  8. RR123

    RR123 Don't let them morons get you down! You are doing fabulous, I can only dream of running 18miles! You read moreare doing more than those idiots are! Don't give them a second though! So keep doing what your doing and nail that marathon! :)

    1 24 Apr 17
  9. AM

    Amyb86 I know this is a few weeks old but I just wanted to tell you how great you are doing. Please don't read morefeel disheartened about immature and rude people who think it's fine to behave like that. It's been nearly 2 years since I last ran (but have come back on here to get started again) and off the top of my head I can remember at least three incidents. I had quite a few "Run, Forest, Run" (original). Another time a teenage boy ran beside me pulling funny faces. Once I was doing some cycling as my cross train and some young people drove besides me and one tried to grab my rucksack whilst I was cycling.

    It never put me off, I just thought they were idiots who had nothing better to do with their time!

    1 24 Apr 17
  10. LI

    Linna You should not pay attention to what people say. It's your life and only you decide what happens. My friends work as essay writers and their philosophical stories made me think so.

    1 21 Apr 17
  11. Chris

    Chris I once had a kid call me a fat c**t, he must of been about 10. I'm not fat at all and just wondered read morewhat sort of parenting that kid has had.

    I can only run 5k at the moment , I started running a month ago but I couldn't imagine running the distance you do right now! I'd imagine I'd be crawling not just running slowly! Anyways, those comments from the girls; they don't know how far you've ran, they're probably so ignorant they most likely think you've just walked out your door 5 minutes ago. Keep on running! The achievement you'll feel in the end will be worth it I'm sure ✊🏻

    1 21 Apr 17
  12. Ruth Cleeves

    Ruth Cleeves Firstly, well done on the 18 miles. 5.5 hours is not that slow for a marathon and if you think that read moreonly a tiny proportion of the population has the character to train for this event. More importantly...... when people say moronic things it says so much more about them than it does about you! They mostly are trying to boost their pathetic little egos but putting others down. Rise above it.... and don't dignify it by letting them see you are upset!! Keep going, you are doing really well x

    1 15 Apr 17
  13. Ronnie7910

    Ronnie7910 Pop your earphones in and block out the morons with some fab tunes. There will always be idiots out read morethere but you don't have to listen to them. As you have seen from the comments there are plenty people out there who think you're awesome for being able to cover that distance. Keep going!

    2 14 Apr 17
  14. Runnerdoc

    Runnerdoc 18 miles!!! I am jealous! I am trying to get back to runninh 5!

    I have had a lager swilling lad (this at 11 in the morning) shout "Pakis don't run" at me.

    But what he said after that really hit home!! He said "Grandad, Grandad, don't run. You'll have a heart attack!!"

    (I have!!!!)

    6 13 Apr 17
  15. Denise

    Denise So sorry you've had such negative comments when you've been working so hard. I can't imagine me ever read morerunning a marathon! Hang in there, you're running and they're not.

    1 7 Apr 17
  16. KA

    Kam7939 I'd like to see those girls run 1 mile let alone 18! Don't ever tell yourself you can't make it ! read moreYou did 18 miles and no one can take that away from you. The finish line is the same for everyone whether you are a slow runner or a fast runner. I am a slow runner , I can't imagine doing a full marathon but like you I will do it one day! I don't care what people think about me when I am out running. At the end of the day I am running and they aren't! You keep going and do that marathon!

    2 7 Apr 17
  17. boywithfarawayeyes

    boywithfarawayeyes Well done on the 18 miles, and sorry you've had to put up with idiotic comments from passers by. read more I'm a slow runner too and speed doesn't count for us (as we'll never be first past the post) getting to the end is all that counts. Keep your chin up and try to block out the unhelpful comments, there'll always be 'hecklers' out there, their opinion doesn't count, you're doing great keep up the great running. :)

    1 7 Apr 17
  18. Dee27

    Dee27 Some people have no filter and just say whatever idiotic thought comes into their head. Those girls read morehad no idea how far you had run or how much effort and determination is involved in getting to that point. Enjoy your marathon, you will be with lots of like minded people on the day. x

    1 5 Apr 17
  19. JohnRuns

    JohnRuns Hi Windinthewillows; as others have said already - don't let morons like that put you off; it is read morefantastic you can run that distance, it really doesn't matter how long it takes you. *** them!

    2 5 Apr 17
  20. WI

    Windinthewillows Hi James I am doing Stirling on 21 May. Trying to get to 20 miles in training as my legs are still read moreREALLY unhappy once I get to about 15. I admire people in fancy dress! I cant even handle ear phones in my ears at mile 18 I could not imagine wearing a banana costume or even a tutu over my running tights!

    0 5 Apr 17