Why wine is great for runners

Think that cheeky glass of red spells disaster for your training? Think again!

Why wine is great for runners

It's normal to indulge in a glass of wine every now and again to unwind after a hard day's work. But enjoying a nightly tipple doesn’t sound like the recipe for reaching that sought after PB.

Fortunately for the wine-drinkers out there, reaching for that next glass of Merlot carries more benefits than you might think! Read on to learn how a glass of the good stuff could potentially improve your health and even help you lose weight...

Wine promotes heart health

We've all heard the rumours that a glass of red wine a night can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. In moderation, the balancing effect of red wine on cholesterol levels also works towards improving markers of atherosclerosis - or the thickening of artery walls.

In turn, research suggests that this combination of decreased bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and improving the effects of atherosclerosis, is indicative of protection against cardiovascular disease. In conclusion, the rumours are all true, so give us a top up!

Wine lowers cholesterol

Both red and white wine has been suggested to help lower levels of LDLs or ‘bad cholesterol’ when consumed moderately. When paired with a healthy and active lifestyle, researchers at Palacký University in the Czech Republic proved that moderate consumption of both red and white wines showed increased HDL and decreased LDL levels in those who took part.

The sample of both men and women were asked to drink moderate amounts of wine - one glass for women and two glasses for men, each day five times per week. The study found that on those whose lifestyles included moderate exercise routines (working out 2-3 times per week) displayed significant improvement in cholesterol levels (increased HDL and decreased LDL) after a year. What more excuse do you need to tuck into a goblet of the red stuff? 

Wine is rich in antioxidants

More than just a tipple to help you relax after a long week, scientists have found that red wine also comes with antioxidant properties. Rich in polyphenols, chemical compounds which lower cholesterol, blood pressure and improve artery function, scientists have indicated that darker wines could hold strong benefits when it comes to their high antioxidant content.

Working to minimise the risk of cardiovascular diseases and some cancers, the antioxidant benefits of moderate red wine consumption could also work to improve skin health and immune system support. Polyphenols, also found in berries, cocoa and tea, have also been proven to show improvements to memory. Just try not to drink the entire bottle.

Wine over workout

While we all know that eating well and sticking to a regular workout routine is the answer to health and happiness, sometimes heading out to pound the pavements is less than appealing. Luckily for those less than thrilled by the thought of putting on those trainers after a long day at work, swapping a workout for a red wine could actually do you more good than you would think.

Research into the effects of resveratrol, a chemical compound found in red wine showed that moderate consumption resulted in a decrease in the effects of short-term sedentary behaviour. Where normally, sedentary periods would result in a decrease in muscle size, researchers proved that those given resveratrol supplements showed no side effects of sedentary behaviours compared to those given no supplement. So come rest day, don't feel guilty! Drink a fat glass of wine and have faith in the knowledge you are actually benefiting your body.

Wine aids fat loss

As well as having antioxidant qualities, wine could also aid weight loss. Piceatannol, a by-product of resveratrol, has been proven to inhibit the maturity of fat cells in the body and as a result, prevent obesity.

New research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry has shown that the conversion of resveratrol to piceatannol in the body, blocks the cells capabilities when it comes to storing fat. As a result, wine could aid weight loss – who knew! Make ours a large one.