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  1. roland.robson.39

    roland.robson.39 Farthest run this year 9 miles leg aching a bit early on but got easier.

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  2. David Langley

    David Langley Lovely day for a run, on the pace, 4 weeks to my first marathon!

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  3. Hardy77

    Hardy77 What a perfect morning for a run, sun was out but not too hot, no wind. Really enjoyed that one😊

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  4. Brunzy100

    Brunzy100 T-shirt and shorts weather! Yippee!

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  5. Kayla_89

    Kayla_89 Arley Hall Cheshire 10km :-) felt amazing new personal best :-D

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  6. Daisy70

    Daisy70 It was one of those runs where the second half feels better than the first half. However, it was (as is usual for my Sunday runs) eventful!!

    I was feeling bored with the same old, same old roads so I planned a route with a tiny bit of off road included - a path i hadn't even known existed before, despite the fact that I have walked and cycled in that area many times. It was a little off putting to see the remnants of police tape hanging off a tree and the little stream clogged with rubbish however, onwards and (quite literally) upwards...

    At about 5km I was just passing a man who asked me the way to the town centre. Where we were was pretty close to the main shopping street but involved three forks in the road and an alleyway. Once I'd explained he thanked me with that look which suggests the person still has no clue what you're talking about! After a couple of attempts i decided to walk with him to the top of the main shopping street. This took a little distance off my run and I couldn't be bothered to go back to where we'd started walking so I just started back up at that point and decided to add some at the end. Now for those people (ie me) who run for freedom and escape, attachment to tech and GPS defeats the object and so I had to do this manually - ie guess!

    A little further along on the run I bumped into a man who is, affectionately, referred to as Yellow Jacket Man. He goes to the ice hockey every week and we used to go. The girls reached an age where they were bored and most of my time was spent stopping them from kicking those in front of us. Hubby still goes while the girls and I have girly-night. This consists of movie and pizza ☺ Anyway, back when we all went, we would chat to Yellow Jacket Man during period breaks. Now we often see him when we're swimming but he never acknowledges us whereas this morning he stopped for a chat! It was good catching up ☺

    I tried to stay on the sunny side of the streets, just to try to acclimatise a little better as we go towards summer. It was lovely feeling the warmth and seeing spring everywhere I looked. At the end it was time to add the little bit - I'm a crap judge of distance (i know all the distances of the local paths but I wouldn't know how much to add just compared to a distance I had walked without the numbers) so I erred on the side of distance and added quite a lot to my 13km run ☺

    Anyway, we're going on a picnic for mothers day lunch (I refuse to pay inflated restaurant prices) shortly so I had better move my bum out of this bath after washing the face mask off 😉

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  7. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 One of those mornings where summoning the enthusiasm to get out the door is harder work than the actual run. Legs felt good from the off and after a couple of miles i just relaxed and let the legs get on with it - thoroughly enjoyable sunshiny miles 🌞😎🙂

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    1. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew The procrastination wasn't to bad today mrs s, but the the I just need to get these miles done runs read moreare never much to be enthused about. But the weather was on your side again so not surprising you enjoyed it once out. You did my loop much quicker than I can. Well done xx

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  8. anthony hughes

    anthony hughes Steady rec type bumble in the sun, glorious out there. Happy Mothers Day to our my bug friend Mums 💐💐💐💐

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    1. Sharnie1

      Sharnie1 Happy bumbling lol 🙂🙂 lovely steady pace there Tony well done 🙂🙂

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    2. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew Was going to ask whats the difference between a bimble and a bumble.

      Well done though, hope all felt ok and your in a happy place about this time next week.

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    3. anthony hughes

      anthony hughes Blooming predictive text, bimble not bumble 😂😂

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  9. NatalieM88

    NatalieM88 Lovely day for a run at Edgbaston Reservoir. Getting ready for the Birmingham 10k

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  10. js117

    js117 Beautiful morning. Relaxed running. Countdown to Manchester

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  11. Lin50

    Lin50 Lap of Chasewater. Forgot Garmin so time/mileage is approx!

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  12. marc.kinch

    marc.kinch Canal route around Shardlow. What a beautiful morning to be out running!

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