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  1. Chips302

    Chips302 Reduced asthma medication now and my lungs aren't sure yet!

    0 0 12 mins
  2. suzanne36

    suzanne36 Always thankful that I can run with friends especially today.

    0 0 26 mins
  3. newtzy

    newtzy Too hot today hard going in this heat even with a fan

    0 0 37 mins
  4. Fish_h

    Fish_h "OK" I thought "I'll go for a progression run; I'll see how hot it is, start slowly and get faster". The reality was I started slowly and got slower! Man it's hot and breezy!

    0 0 39 mins
  5. BillinghamPoolie

    BillinghamPoolie Very hot, don't normally take water for 'short' runs, but glad I did for this one. Warm up for first 10 mins, and tried to keep steady faster pace for 20 mins, followed by 10 mins slow cool down.

    0 0 40 mins
  6. isawy8

    isawy8 Hills at 4% incline.. Way to hot outside

    0 0 45 mins
  7. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig Hot!!!! Just kept at easy talking pace with workmate, good run in the sun.

    0 0 58 mins