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  1. JO

    John imported a run.


    0 0 288.3 10 mins
  2. Shosholoza

    Shosholoza Fartlekky intervals ☺️


    0 0 720 11 mins
  3. Foggy100

    Foggy100 Another short run before work, amazing what you can fit into the day when you try :):)

    0 0 16 mins
  4. Foggy100

    Foggy100 Only Short runs this week as work has taken over...but a short run is better than no run at all :)

    0 0 16 mins
  5. Neil Hunneybell

    Neil Hunneybell Had to move my long run to Friday. Busy weekend. Lovely run this morning. Off at 5. Just neon the roads! Just a 10 hour shift to get through now

    0 0 1708 30 mins
  6. bounder63

    bounder63 imported a run.


    0 0 930.9 34 mins
  7. RJ

    RJulian Better today. Went a bit further.

    0 0 48 mins
  8. sam.cornew

    sam.cornew A slow lunchtime plod with heavy legs from the day before's deadlifts

    0 0 2 hrs
  9. Daisy70

    Daisy70 It was in my usual 5k run - hubby has to leave for work at 6:30 on Fridays so I don't get my half hour lie in 😂😂

    Have a had a great first week off which started with the girls, on Monday, saying "Can we turn the garage into a music room?" So our week has involved tidying, sorting, trips to the tip (two), trip to the charity shop (one), trips to DIY stores (four so far...). On Saturday, my grandma's old piano is being delivered to our house and the girls' guitars will be going in there (although mine isn't allowed apparently 😲)

    Anyway, back to the run - it was a plod following a visit to the physio yesterday (It's really hard to go through pain with your children watching and laughing at you!!) Looking forward to a big bowl of porridge, a nice bath and a last (I hope) trip to B&Q!

    0 2 352 2 hrs
    1. Sharnie1

      Sharnie1 shame to lose the lie in but that looks a nice 5k even without it - sounds like the girls are keeping you busy this week :)

      0 6 mins
    2. Martynjlane

      Martynjlane A really good early 5k Daisy. A busy, but fun, first week of the holiday then! I like the idea of a music room! 😀

      1 58 mins