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  1. Lavinia Shann

    Lavinia Shann Parkrun. Good run. Quite happy. Again could have been faster.

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  2. Linda 1962

    Linda 1962 That felt hard today cooler but still very humid. Happy to get to seven.

    0 0 12 mins
  3. sam.cornew

    sam.cornew Day 27 #RWRunStreak done.... my husband dropped me off on way home from gym so I could do today

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  4. MartinGibbins

    MartinGibbins Good, although my foot is aching 🙁 🙁

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  5. Sara

    Sara Interval with hills

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  6. Sara

    Sara Aimed for consistency

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  7. JoWatson

    JoWatson Early, pre-brekkie, hilly 10M steady. 85% road. Warm + tired = tough, but faster than same route last week which was the goal so happy enough. Some quiet chuntering from t he hip at times, but nothing to worry about.

    0 3 35 mins
    1. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew Think that's great going on tired legs and a nice pace also. Must be pleased getting a better time read morethis week and hope the hip is happy soon. Well done jo

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    2. Jilly

      Jilly Wow, fab 10 miler esoecially after last night. Good to see hip only whispering - must be very chuffed 😊

      0 13 mins
    3. Sharnie1

      Sharnie1 That's good going in the conditions and after the tough session last night, even better that it was read morefaster than last week, glad to hear the hip is still playing nicely - nothing not to be happy about there though jo - moving up the distances nicely 😊👏👍

      0 22 mins
  8. roselsa

    roselsa Morning parkrun with Amy and another friend. Strava doesn't really do my time justice as I decided to push myself and achieved another pb (31.51 according to parkrun). The cooler conditions definitely helped ☺☺


    0 0 36 mins
  9. Kylie

    Kylie Got mooed at!! 3.5km on bike

    Walked 2.5 m in 39 mins on thurs

    0 0 44 mins
  10. stan.kellett

    stan.kellett Mount Edgecumbe Park run with Jack


    0 0 47 mins
  11. EF

    efct great, overnight with 3 hrs in complete darkness.

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