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  1. pcheetham

    pcheetham In York for the weekend, so headed down the river to the race course. Out early and quiet out there but sun was well and truly up and beginning to bake everything, including me.

    Got to the reception course and then made my way round. This was between 2 and 4 miles, and I have to say it was boring as hell! Ran round the service road inside the track but the only things to see were grass and a couple of fences. Did the full circuit and got back to the road.

    At just about the 4 mile mark my right calf decided to object strongly. It was not happy. I don't think it's a full on pull, but it was decidedly uncomfortable.

    Got back just after 7,then went down for a quick dip in the pool with Simon before breakfast. With that and spending all day on my feet wandering round it seems to have stretched it out and eased it off, but the real test will be tomorrow.

    0 5 2 hrs
    1. Keith

      Keith Nice run hope the calf calms down , love the railway museum 😆 have a great time 👍👍👍

      0 48 mins
    2. Martynjlane

      Martynjlane Well done Paul. So you weren't tempted to jump the fences to make it more interesting then?!

      I bet it was warm even at that time so a good run. Hope the calf is ok in the morning 👍

      0 51 mins
    3. JoWatson

      JoWatson Bet it was baking out on the racecourse, PC; A real sun-trap, I imagine. Really pleased to hear read morethat the day's activities have helped to ease off the calf. Hope it doesn't stiffen too much over night. Have a great weekend

      0 2 hrs
  2. anthony hughes

    anthony hughes East Park run Hull, hot day today pleased with position 34th of 426 but a tad gutted to be 2 seconds outside of my course PB there

    0 8 3 hrs
    1. Martynjlane

      Martynjlane That's impressive in this weather and to be that close to your course PB is fantastic. Well done Tony 👍

      0 54 mins
    2. pcheetham

      pcheetham , Stonking pace in the heat though, well done.

      0 2 hrs
    3. geranium

      geranium Cracking effort! Shame about the pb but never mind, you'll have to come back & try again xx

      0 2 hrs
  3. anthony hughes

    anthony hughes Warm up and cool down combined

    0 5 3 hrs
    1. pcheetham

      pcheetham 😀👏

      0 2 hrs
    2. Jilly

      Jilly That's a pacey wu & cd 🖒

      0 2 hrs
    3. Raiderbill

      Raiderbill On it mate

      0 2 hrs
    1. Jeff Watson

      Jeff Watson Well done on an extremely hot day 😘

      0 2 hrs
  4. DA

    david cathersides Run to park run, Park run and then home, 5 k time was 23:36.

    0 0 3 hrs
  5. Chrissy

    Chrissy Did a timed run round a track and nearly died... Depressingly my daughter did better than me 😱🙈

    0 0 4 hrs
  6. Puri

    Puri Tough early morning run in the heat.

    0 0 4 hrs