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  1. qprchelle

    qprchelle Quick warm up before circuits

    0 0 23 mins
  2. qprchelle

    qprchelle Lovely Sunday morning run, sun was shining and really enjoyed being out there

    0 0 24 mins
  3. NikNak6

    NikNak6 Nice easy Sunday day run

    0 1 32 mins
    1. Geoffery

      Geoffery look at those miles Nik! Check you out!

      0 18 mins
  4. Nicky1980

    Nicky1980 Tough today as legs still ache from Friday's workout....definitely felt the burn today!!

    0 0 32 mins
  5. Keith

    Keith Day 156 - First 10 mile so was quietly wishing 1 hour 30 mins but would have settled for anything less than 1.40. The course was reported to be hilly so didn't really know what to expect . As it turned out it was all country lanes and a cracking route, felt more like being on a trail at times. The finnish was down hill except for the last 200 yards, hooked up with a Scottish guy for the last mile and a half , he pulled me up the last couple of hills and I pulled him downhill as he was slower down bank. Great race and very happy with my time not sure what the official time is but should be close to my watch.


    0 1 38 mins
    1. IPS Meldrew

      IPS Meldrew Cracking run there keith, certainly exceeded the time you wanted and sounds like a great route. The read morecompany obviously worked well for you both also. Great running keith, well done.

      0 20 mins
  6. Loopy Lind

    Loopy Lind Back to it .... first run as Mrs M


    0 2 47 mins
    1. Handbrake

      Handbrake well done Mrs ;)

      0 5 mins
    2. chris31

      chris31 Well done

      0 35 mins