10 miles

I have an urge to run 10 miles this weekend I ran 8 last week and felt OK I was building up slowly 1/2 mile extra each weekly long run but I want to crack 10 miles should I just wait until I've built up to it ? will I get injured if I go to far too soon any advice gratefully accepted 

DE Debbro

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  1. Fagawee

    Fagawee Do it. If you're body feels unable in the process of running towards that 10 miler, then don't do read moreit! You will end up with black toenails or sore hips

    0 21 Apr 17
  2. chrishall

    chrishall if you have done 8 miles you can do 10. No worries You pace yourself with a garmin? Make your first read moremile same rate as your last ie start at a steady rate. Don't be afraid to walk for 30 seconds if you feel like it every now and again. 10 miles might need some water along the way,and maybe some sugar ie Snakes or Jubes.Good luck from way down under!! Don't mention the cricket

    0 31 May 16
  3. JohnRuns

    JohnRuns Well done, great achievement! 

    0 30 May 16
  4. chrishall

    chrishall Hi there Daisy.Gettin g back on track here Just going steadily to avoid injury. Aiming for Richmond read morehalf or full in September. Did half a couple of years ago. It is a good run.Thanks for the encouragement

    0 29 May 16
  5. Daisy70

    Daisy70 Fantastic! Well done this is also my aim - I'm adding a km per week.

    0 28 May 16
  6. Jowilson49

    Jowilson49 Well done. Glad you did.  HM next?

    0 28 May 16
  7. CJ3GG

    CJ3GG Snap! Did 8 last weekend, doing 10 tomorrow....training for my first HM in 2 weeks read moretime.....eeekkkk!!!........best of luck I am sure it will go well, post back after its done?

    0 28 May 16
  8. Mandip73

    Mandip73 Well done Deb, great run. You'll be doing half marathons and marathons in no time! :)

    0 28 May 16
  9. DE

    Debbro Well i only went and did it 10 miles !!! thanks to you all for your encouragement I'm so glad I did it 

    0 28 May 16
  10. Simontturner

    Simontturner Good luck and enjoy it! 

    0 27 May 16
  11. DE

    Debbro thanks everyone I'm so up for it tomorrow morning :)

    0 27 May 16
  12. annette

    annette You'll be fine Good luck

    0 27 May 16
  13. Jowilson49

    Jowilson49 I got the 10 mile distance under my belt a few months ago.  You should be okay but I have to read moreadmit that I went to 15km first (9.25 miles) first and then did the extra bit.  But in saying that 10 miles is the furthest I've run and tomorrow I am doing 13.2 miles......Good luck

    0 27 May 16
  14. HA

    Hari24 Go for it, just take it steady.  Well done on cracking the magic 10 if its your first read moretime.  Make sure you have some water with you, and when you get back take a little time to look after yourself stretching. cooling down etc.  Then enjoy lazing around at home feeling a bit proud of yourself.It is sensible to build distance gradually (think 10% rule) but going from 8 to 10 should be absolutely fine. 

    0 27 May 16