Brighton marathon 2012

I can't seem to find a thread about this but I know there will be several Bugs in attendance.

Anyone interested in meeting up before or afterwards?

Adam Adam

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  1. macdaddy256

    macdaddy256 Entry done. Not sure why.. legs are still hurting.

    0 17 Apr 12
  2. Adam

    Adam I've just completed my entry for next year.

    They've made the registration a lot more involved and time consuming this time around. I'm worried it might be going down the London commercial/charity route... Let's hope not.

    0 17 Apr 12
  3. JohnFol.

    JohnFol. No bum pinch . . . sniff, sniff

    0 16 Apr 12
  4. KandiKane

    KandiKane JohnFol, yep I have your number still, so will give you a bell when I finish and see where you're read moreat!! Good luck everyone, enjoy!! : D

    0 13 Apr 12
  5. BA

    Baljit Thanks will  try to do that. Good luck with Brighton

    0 10 Apr 12
  6. Adam

    Adam Trying to maintain a steady pace throughout is the sensible approach but you're almost certain to read morestart flagging between 16 and 19 miles anyway (I always do). So don't worry about the pace - just try to enjoy it!

    0 9 Apr 12
  7. BA

    Baljit Hi guys, firstly good luck with the Brighton, its this coming weekend isn't it?

    You all sound like you are not new to this marathon thing, so can I ask some advice please - I am running the London Marathon on the 22nd and would love to run it in less than 5 hrs.  I did a half on the 1st and ran it in 2hrs 12 mins, it worked out to 10.05 mins per mile.  Obviously I cannot run this pace for 26 miles.  I did my longest run this Saturday and it took me 3hrs 46 mins.  I was able to run this at 11 mins per mile for the first 15/16 miles and then had to slow down my pace in order to keep going for 20.  My time overall for the 20 miles worked out to 11.19 mins per mile.  What pace do you think I should try to run the London at?  I am a 46 yr old female. Any advice appreciated.

    0 9 Apr 12
  8. Adam

    Adam [quote user="KandiKane"]Perhaps a bar/pub on the beach as there is lots of space to sit outside if read morenot in...also depends on weather.  : D[/quote]

    I'm keeping off the alcohol until the race is over so it's lemonade (or lucozade) for me on Saturday! Once the race is over I'll have a pint or two, I understand that it's good for recovery and as an added bonus helps you forget the pain. In some cases excessive consumption will cause the imbiber to sign up to another marathon...

    0 9 Apr 12
  9. JustMe

    JustMe Not sure yet when I will go into town, but as soon as I know I'll let one of you lot know & find out where/when to meet up

    0 9 Apr 12
  10. Runaway Nan

    Runaway Nan Yes they are! They are! (they are not really).

    I'll vouch for them - I used to work at the same place as JohnFol many years ago and have been out running with him a few times.

    0 9 Apr 12
  11. JohnFol.

    JohnFol. [quote user="KandiKane"]

    Perhaps a bar/pub on the beach as there is lots of space to sit outside 


    Hi KandiKane, you should have my contact details from Thunder Run so once you are back and we know about the weather we can arrange a swift pint or 3.

    JustMe, if you go into your profile, and click Conversations you should see a thread from myself / Adam. We met up with KandiKane, Westie and a few others last year so they can vouch for the fact we are not axe wielding, psychopaths who prey on runners who offer to pinch bums.

    0 9 Apr 12
  12. JohnFol.

    JohnFol. Not wishing to open a book on this one bearing in mind the reputation of Brighton . .

    [quote user="JustMe"]

    And JF, I bet you'll get your bum pinched!!! :)


    Due down to Brighton around mid Saturday afternoon and aim to spend a while at the Expo. It might make sense to meet there as it'll be indoors, have loos, tea / coffee and is free!

    0 9 Apr 12
  13. KandiKane

    KandiKane Sadly I won't be about Saturday as flying back from Austria. And although I do know Brighton I have read moreonly been on marathon day once and don't recall where (if anywhere) is less busy/crowded. Perhaps a bar/pub on the beach as there is lots of space to sit outside if not in...also depends on weather.  : D

    0 2 Apr 12
  14. JohnFol.

    JohnFol. So who knows Brighton well enough to suggest an easy place to meet up?

    I'm guessing we'll all probably be there Sat afternoon and the Expo sounds like a good starting point, but is there anywhere better?

    0 1 Apr 12
  15. macdaddy256

    macdaddy256 3340. First Brighton. Probably staying with a friend on Saturday night, but will be around during read morethe day trying not to spend money at the expo.

    0 31 Mar 12
  16. JohnFol.

    JohnFol. ok, just tried it and responded to Adam's.

    To receive messages, click on your own name, and then the Conversations tab

    0 31 Mar 12
  17. Adam

    Adam Just sent a test PM to John to see if it works...

    Hover over a username for a couple of seconds and wait for the popup. It doesn't work on John's username for some reason but I found a trick to do it for him - choose someone else first and then replace their name.

    0 31 Mar 12
  18. JustMe

    JustMe No idea how to send a PM....


    0 31 Mar 12
  19. JustMe

    JustMe I might be staying with my running buddy (who also needed to pull out) in Brighton the night before read moreso we could maybe arrange something.

    0 31 Mar 12
  20. JohnFol.

    JohnFol. BTW how do we PM each other???

    0 31 Mar 12