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I'm pretty new to running.  did a couch to 5k plan about 18 mths ago, and got up to 30 mins running.  Kept it up on and off, but decided in the new year that I am better if I'm following a plan, so i am now following the Beginners 10k plan i found on this site.  So far so good - have completed week four, so i'm halfway through.

So, what i want to know is......  is it beneficial to do a park run?  and does anyone do the one at Sewerby?



bikergirl bikergirl

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  1. AN

    ANZABABES I went along to the Sewerby Park Run last weeknd and took along my 9 year old son.  He loved read morethe whole thing and it was nice having him along as I felt more comfortable going to the tea rooms afterwards and therefore got chatting to a couple of people.  Can't make it this weekend but will be there Saturday 14th July.

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  2. bikergirl

    bikergirl I've not done any other parkruns, but the course at Sewerby is a nice scenic one :)  I've only read moredone it a couple of times in preparation for the Race for Life that was held there last week and if definitely helped.

    I plan on trying to get to the parkrun at least once a month if at all possible as I'm sure it will help me speed up.  I've just signed up for a 10k in August, so it'll all help in the training for that.

    I'm trying to encourage my 11 year old son to join me but at the moment its not working!

    0 1 Jul 12
  3. Mrs Plodder

    Mrs Plodder I have thought of doing the Sewerby Parkrun, having done my first two runs at York.  I started read morerunning ten weeks ago with a view to doing 10k in four weeks time.  The Parkrun has helped me improve and everyone at York has been very friendly.  Hope you have a good run tomorrow-I'm taking my 13yr old son to York

    0 29 Jun 12
  4. BR

    brenda grant defintiely do parkrun its so good for you and you always get your time recorded so can check on your read moreown progress the more you do it. I started going in January when it first came to Harrogate. i do it most Saturdays and have now done 2  10k lately too. I may not be the fastest but it has given me such confidence and such fun and new friends and makes normal training so much easier. Please try it

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  5. SA

    sara h. Hi  Rachiebabes - sounds just what i need!

    Am off to look up the website now.


    0 29 Jun 12
  6. Rachel C

    Rachel C Hi Sara h

    parkrun is a free timed 5k run held at 9am on a saturday morning. they are held all over the country (and its rapidly expanding over the world). go to the parkrun website to find your local one. I work alternate weekends so can only go once a fortnight. i do the roundhay parkrun in Leeds. i find them very friendly and very encouraging. although i am not the best of runners, i have knocked 7 minutes off my 5k time in a year through them and 6 off my 10k.

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  7. SA

    sara h. Excuse me for jumping in here, but -

    What are Park runs?

    And, how do i find out whether there is one happening near to where i live?

    Any advice welcome!

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  8. chubster

    chubster I did the sewerby with my daughter 2 weeks ago, it was my first 5k and apart from having to jump read moreover a naughty dog thereby tearing my left achilles and twisting my right knee and back I really enjoyed it, my left achilles is not fully ok yet but i am tempted to do sewerby in the morning.

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  9. AN

    ANZABABES I did the Sewerby Park run back in April - the one and only I have ever been to.  I didn't end read moreup speaking to anybody as they were all huddled in little groups at both the start and finish so didn't feel comfortable intruding!!!!  I am up at the caravan this weekend so am going to give it a go in the morning!!! Hopefully I will pluck up the courage to speak this time.

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  10. Handbrake

    Handbrake Nice to meet you today, well done on your run. Hope you enjoyed it and will return :)

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  11. Handbrake

    Handbrake Thats  not bad for 5k, just enjoy the course it will help improve your fitness levels and your read moretimes will drop. I previously ran the Hull parkrun which most say is about 1 minute faster than Sewerby I'm now faster at Sewerby than my last visit to Hull so it shows training helps :) may have to try Hull again to see what I can do there. Let me know if you are doing Sewerby I'll make myself known

    0 4 Apr 12
  12. bikergirl

    bikergirl Hi handbrake

    thanks for replying - glad to know that its a nice course.  I won't be able to come this saturday, but am hoping to get there soon.  My best time for 5k is 32min 30 secs - hopefully this isn't too bad!

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  13. Handbrake

    Handbrake I do Sewerby most weeks, its a lovely course with a quick downhill start along the land train road, read moreturn up the cliff top path near the coastguard station, a quick dash round the cricket pavillion, back into the park for a run round the woodland walk into the garden area before finishing outside the hall. Some fantastic scenery, variable terrain but great training. You even get 25% discount in the cafe afterwards. Come along saturday you will be made very welcome :)

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