Should I enter the half marathon??!!

Hi :)

I have been running since September and have to admit was very unfit and a previous heavy smoker, so wasnt expecting to be able to run to the end of the road but hey I did it and now running 4 times a week and around 4-5 miles a time. Am very pleased with my progress so far but am getting bored with "just running" and want to start entering races to build my confidence and to keep me motivated! I am averaging around 9 minute miles, is this average or am i just slow?!

I have entered to do a 5k run in June with a friend, but am now thinking of doing a half marathon in October, am I mad??!! Or should I see it as a challenge and take it full on and get into training mode?

I would also like to point out that my running has to fit in with my 3 little boys my youngest who is 10 months and I do sometimes "run with the buggy"!!!Any help or advice would be really appreciated


RE Rebecca Kent

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  1. RE

    Rebecca Kent Thanks again, you have all lifted my confidence!!! I can do this!!!

    Karen - thanks for you helpful advice and support I dont attend a running club as I didnt want to be the slow one left behind, but i do go running with a friend, who is also doing the 5k in June and the half marathon in October. I am going to do the Windsor half marathon, heard lots of good reports about it, just a bit hilly from mile 9 so need to get some more training in before then

    0 18 Apr 12
  2. KA

    Karoni I think you can do it.  We have beginners in our running club who started to run in January and read morethen ran Birmingham half marathon in October last year.  Our plan was 3 times a week but people have trained on 2 runs a week.  

    You need to increase your mileage mile by mile.  We did a 16 week plan starting at 5 miles.  Do you have any clubs local you can run with?  I ran 4 miles on a Tuesday, about 6 on a Thursday and long run on a Saturday.  IF you can get someone to buddy up with you - would your friend do the half with you?  You can train together.

    Is there a particular half you are interested in?  Good luck with your running.  I would definately suggest a 10k - your nearly there anyay.


    0 17 Apr 12
  3. Caroface

    Caroface Hi Rebecca, I don't think you're mad!  9 min miles is fantastic, I wish I could go that fast read morefor more than about 10 seconds haha!  For longer distances you may need to go a little slower than your normal pace to let your body get used to it, but sounds like you're a running machine already so I'm sure you'll be fine!  I just completed my first HM on sunday and only got up to 11.5 miles beforehand and it was fine, a lot of people only train to 10 miles I guess it depends on your aims.  If I do another one I think I'd train to full distance, but it's more for confidence than anything else.  

    0 17 Apr 12
  4. T1NK5

    T1NK5 Oh jeez please dont say your mad because that makes me mad too! I started running in January, did 3 read moremiles for sports relief and have entered the Bath half marathon in September. Im running at 9.40 minutes per mile at the moment but need to increase my distance, i believe i can do it so go for it as you can too!

    0 17 Apr 12
  5. SC

    scott 10 you have heaps of time left and i supose 15 miles sounds a lot but your be amazed how you knock them read moremiles up and by then ure be a running machine :)

    0 16 Apr 12
  6. RE

    Rebecca Kent Thanks everybody for your support!! I have been inside information on this half marathon and am read moregetting excited already at thsi challenge I just hope I am up to it!!! I am now running 5ish miles 4 times a week so hope so, have been told that with a half marathon to aim to run 15 miles comfortably at least one month before the actual race, does anybody think this sounds right??!!

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  7. anni

    anni Definitely go for it - I have my first hm in 6 weeks time and have been doing a few 10ks as well and read moreif I can do it anyone can.  Good luck!

    0 15 Apr 12
  8. SC

    scott 10 hi rebecca we both can keep each other going ive gone from couch 16 st 12 in january to over 11 read moremiles today if i can do it so can you just think of the satisfaction we will both share mines in august so ive a little time yet to prepare x

    0 15 Apr 12
  9. Neil Daines

    Neil Daines Hi, I started in January having never run in my life I'm now 42. I run every other day, started read more off by telling everyone I was going to do a 5 mile race! To add more pressure to myself I then started getting sponsored for said race, still wondering if I even do 5miles! Having taken over £700 for the air ambulance I thought I'd better do it! Got my head down and kept going, yes there were bad times but the good started to be more common than the bad!  Ended up doing the race in 43:19 finishing mid pack, I was elated!  Went home and booked a 10k for may and hm for September! Found telling everyone is a massive motivation as now I cant fail them our myself! No pressure then?!

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  10. RE

    Rebecca Kent I know I think I am slightly bonkers to even think about it!!! I am determined to do it I just dont read morethink I realise yet how much hard work it will be! I went for a run this am (after a few drinks yesterday) and it was really hard, windy, rainy along the beach and only managed 3 miles :(

    0 8 Apr 12
  11. Steve Taylor 1969

    Steve Taylor 1969 Go for it. I'm doing exactly the same. I've just entered my first half marathon to run on September read more9th, so I've got 5 months to go from 17st couch potato to half marathon. Must be mad

    0 6 Apr 12
  12. WA

    Wannabearunner Go for it!!!!!!

    0 6 Apr 12
  13. RE

    Rebecca Kent Thanks for the replies makes me feel like I can achieve it! I have just been for a 4 mile run this read moremorning, really enjoyed it :) Good luck with your training, am sure you can do it we just need to put our minds to it!

    0 6 Apr 12
  14. LE

    Leap frog Go for it.  Just done my first 5k run this morning after being out of running for 5 months read morefollowing a sports injury.  Like you I'm thinking of doing a half marathon in October and see it as a challenge. Lets keep each other motivated.  Good luck with the training, it sound as if you are running marathons keeping up with the 2 older boys.

    0 6 Apr 12
  15. Markd65

    Markd65 Go for it. Perhaps with a 10k in July before the HM in October. Your running pace is very good at 9 read moremin miles over 4/5 miles. Do it, you'll love it and very achievable for you.

    0 5 Apr 12