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So I've just started jogging, managed 4.8km today :) and I suppose it's time to invest in a pair of specialist trainers?? Do you need I really need them, it's not like I'm running a marathon, although my aim is 10K.

 The ones I've got are just £20 no brand trainers, they look like running trainers, feel comfy, but I have no idea if they are supporting my foot correctly, etc.  I do feel my knees after a long run (4km is long to me), I say feel as I cant say they ache or are painful, I just know they are there and have been worked!

As i have no knowledge in this area, I suppose a visit to a specialist running shop is in order.  But I am a bit scared that they'll blind me with science and take my money and run! Lol.  How much should I expect to pay for a first pair of trainers as a beginner training for a 10K?

I'll have to go to Cardiff, there are two stores 'run and become' and 'mymoti', any recommendations/comment on either store.

Thanks muchly :)


LI LittleWelshCeri

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  1. LI

    LittleWelshCeri Thanks guys for all your comments and advice, much appreciated :)  

    Think I'm going to give it another fortnight of running to make sure I am serious about this running malarky, before I invest.



    0 11 May 12
  2. Westie

    Westie Hi Ceri, the best running shop I ever went to was Accelerate in Sheffield where the guy recorded my read morerunning style on the treadie, and once I had a short list of 2 trainers, I then went outside to run in them,where again the assistant assessed my running. So basically, I think both of these are needed.

    The first pair of runners I bought cost £87 and were very cushioned. I have now moved to trainers with minimal support and cushioning and these suit me far better.

    What I liked about the shop in Sheffield was that they didn't rush to correct my gait. Instead, they worked with it.

    If you are not having any problems with your trainers, I honestly wouldn't rush into buying a pair just because they're "proper" running shoes. I initially started running in a bog standard pair of runners but decided I needed something new as the pair I was running in felt a bit small when actually running. I now run in a size larger than my standard shoes if they're a woman's cut, and a half size bigger if the trainers are unisex. This might be something for you to keep in mind.

    Another tip would be not to get hung up on brand or how the trainers look. A gross looking pair of wonderfully fitting trainers will soon become your best friend!

    Finally, if you have a budget, then let the assistant know this from the outset.

    BTW, I have been to Moti in Cardiff and know they have a treadmil if that helps. It's down a little alleyway off Wellfield Rd I think.

    All the best.

    0 9 May 12
  3. SN

    snowy841 you do need to invest if your serious about running frequently as all you will do is injure yourself read moreand it will put you off . good luck though and keep up the good training

    0 9 May 12
  4. SilverShadow

    SilverShadow Oh, definitely the treadmill / software analysis as this will give the experts more knowledge, which read morewill lead to you purchasing the correct style for your gait. Don't be afraid to point out that you're on a budget, as most shops will have a decent beginners pair at a reasonable price. I purchased a pair of Brooks Summon 3 shoes (neutral cushioning) and have found them to be one of the best pair of shoes I've ever bought. They cost around £70, which was quite a shock as I don't think I've ever spent more than £20 on a pair of shoes in my life. Worth it, though!

    Best of luck.


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  5. LI

    LittleWelshCeri Hi thanks for the reply.

    Is it best that I go to the shop that offers a treadmill and video technology analysis or the other shop just watches you run outside the shop and are trained to see what's what?



    0 8 May 12
  6. CA

    Cas2 I can't comment on the stores you mentioned, but I do strongly advise getting your gait analysed. If read moreyou run in the wrong shoes for your gait you can cause injuries to occur which would then mean time out on the running front. I am not sure how much you should pay, but my first pair cost around £70.  Recently I bought a second pair but a more natural style costing £100. There is a shop in Bristol called Up and Running that I can recommend. They are very patient and knowledgeable.

    0 5 May 12