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Yep, you did reads that right! Sketchers have launched a new running shoe called the GoRun. I'm pretty new to running and own a great pair of Brooks running shoes, so am not about to splash out on a new pair any time soon. However, I was interested if anyone here has bought a pair of these. The reviews are quite good, but it's hard to find many on the internet. It seems that the majority of runners have written them off already, purely on the basis that they are sketchers. But I reckon they could be quite a nice shoe to own. They are breathable memsh, with a built-up midfoot section that forces you to adopt a natural midfoot strike action as opposed to forefoot or heel striking. It's claiming to be one of these so called minimalist / barefoot running shoes, due to its low heel ratio and minimalist design. They are super flexible, with strategically placed little pod-type things that allow the foot to twist and roll in a 360 degree motion. The toebox is extra roomy to allow the toes to spread out before push off. It is very light and suitable for short training runs and / or races. That said, I've just read about an ultra marathon runner who swears by these.

I own a normal pair of sketchers and I must say, they have been great for my feet. I have suffered from pains in my feet, toes and ankles ever since I had an operation on my left toes a few years ago. Since then, everything has been out of alignment and it's hard to find the correct footwear. But the sketchers have been really comfortable and hardwearing.

Would you be sembarrassed to purchase a pair of Sketchers GoRun? simply because of the brand. I wouldn't; I'd love to try a pair on first and make my judgement on the merits of the shoes in question. Interestingly, they share similarities with the Nike Freeruns which seem to perform quite well for many users.




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