10k training for sub 35

Hi all. I am planning my 16 weeks trainings to prepare my self for 10k sub 35min (may be even 34). Last year May 20 I made 38.19 with 8 week preparation incl 2 weeks of calf injury. I have been running for 12 weeks since then 4-5 times a week average 50k weekly with good tempos and hill sessions. In late July got injured Achilles tendon and stopped training for 12 weeks. Oct i started swimming 3 times a week and DEC started running low millage again (25k/week). Now I have started preseasonal preparation (50k/week) and willing to move into harder sessions on Jan28.

Here is my amateur training plan focusing on speed, speed endurance, and some long runs.

How do you think, is that too hard considering I was injured for 12 weeks. Should I change something in my plan to achieve sub 35/34? Thanks

RO Roman

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  1. alchevron

    alchevron Hi Roman - good luck with your sub 35 training! Your plan looks pretty good. I've a few comments / suggestions.

    1. I would have two speed sessions every week. You already have a longer interval session (the dark orange) every week. You also sometimes have a run incorporating a 10x200. I would make that into a self contained dedicated session every week. You could do 200s, 400s, 800s or a mixture to keep it interesting. Aim for 8x800 at 2m45s later on in the training to see where you are.

    2. Try and push the pace up on the interval sessions especially the shorter ones. You need to and should be able to run faster than 10k pace in your interval sessions - maybe not at the very start but certainly before long.

    3. Aim for a 5k or two halfway through to gauge your progress. You should be able to break 17 comfortably if you are ready. Hopefully you have a flat parkrun near you which is a handy low maintenance way of getting a progress check.

    4. I don't think you need 16 weeks training for this even if your goal is ambitious. I would condense the training a little, progress your paces a little quicker and target the first of your 10k races. Then you always have the second as a backup if you don't make it.

    4. Staying fit is obviously going to be key to your success. Judging by the mileage it looks like you already do it, but make sure you do a good 10mins at least warm up jog and cool down jog before and after your hard sessions. Also think about building in a lighter week round the middle to rest up a bit.

    I hope all goes well - let us know how you get on!

    0 9 Jan 19