Middle-aged newbie needs advice/support/encouragement!

Hi Ladies :-)

I'm 48, very new to running. I'm not medically overweight (BMI 25), but I could do with losing a stone or so.. and I'm definitely NOT 'runner shaped'!! I've never been a runner or a jogger, not even when I was younger... so doing this is a major culture shock for my body!

The past few years I have been a regular gym goer though, doing a variety of cardio work and various classes such as Body Combat/Body Pump, so I like to think that I have a reasonable level of cardio fitness.

I recently signed up to do a 5K for charity, as I felt that I wanted to really challenge myself and hopefully finally get fit and in shape into the bargain.

So.. eight weeks ago I started to try to run.. with the support of a personal trainer at my gym. (We've also worked on my muscle strength and core stability) In that time I've progressed from not being able to manage 1 full minute on the treadmill.. to doing 18 minutes on my local running track last Sunday.

I am really proud of how far I've come.. but now the doubts are really setting in.. my 5K is 5 weeks on Sunday.. and right now I just don't see how I'm going to be able to run the whole distance! It just feels an impossibility :-/ That's really my personal goal, regardless of time.. just to run the whole race. I feel like I'd be letting both myself and my sponsors down if I can't do it.

Can anyone help me? What can I do to help make it happen?

Thanks :-)

Helen Dunbar Helen Dunbar

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  1. Helen Dunbar

    Helen Dunbar @ steadyasshegoes.. thanks :-) Wow, you did so well in your half marathon! Something like that seems read morea very long way off for me! LOL But yes, as you say, I must concentrate on enjoying the race.. and fingers crossed the 'buzz' of the day will get me from start to finish :-)

    @ migirl ... wow, you did a 10K after only 6 weeks running!!! That's pretty amazing :-) I am actually going to have a trial walk/run of my course with my trainer and a friend before the actual race day too, so hopefully that will boost my confidence a bit. I'm told it's a very level course and 'ideal for beginners'.. so I hope that's true!! LOL

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  2. MI

    migirl I'm 40 this year and me and a friend have been running for about 6 weeks now and last weekend we read moremanaged to do a 10k charity run in 1hr 7mins. Believe me if we can do that you can achieve your goal!

    It's amazing how much of a buzz you get from the day once you're there and you know you're about to do what you set out to.

    5 days before the race we actually ran the course one night and that gave us the biggest confidence boost we could've had. Hope everything goes well for you, and keep on running!

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  3. steadyasshegoes

    steadyasshegoes Hi Helen, if you can do 18 mins then I reckon you can complete 5km

    your working hard and its amazing how much you can improve in 5 weeks, keep it up.

    I completed my first 1/2 marathon in May (I'm 53 in a few days time), I did want to do it in under 2hours 30 mins ...... managed 2 hours 34 mins! but my main aim like yours, was not to stop or walk and I didnt, so I'm proud of that.

    Above all enjoy the race.


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  4. Helen Dunbar

    Helen Dunbar @ McFluff.. showed my trainer the C25K plan, but he reckons he has his own plan for me.. eeek! Thanks :-)

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  5. Helen Dunbar

    Helen Dunbar Hi Maria

    Thanks very much for your encouraging words, they're much appreciated :-)

    I'm still struggling along.. with a sore knee and two sore ankles now.. oh dear! LOL

    I had two quite average outdoor sessions with my trainer over the long weekend, so that didn't do much to boost my confidence.

    We're going out again tomorrow night, so fingers crossed I'll do better then.

    Yes, you're right.. I just need to remember to enjoy it and that I'm raising money for my charity.. at the moment I feel like I can't wait for the race to be done with so I can stop running.. and I don't want to feel like that!

    I'll just have to do my best.. if I do that, then I will have to be satisfied with whatever 'my best' happens to be on the day :-)

    Helen :-)

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  6. MA

    maria64 Hi Helen

    Great to hear how well you are doing.  Just remember that you are racing for a great cause.  You can easily get round the course running all the way if you remember to pace yourself and really not worry about the time.  Don't know if you have any steep hills to cope with, but don't let this put you off.  Just aim to enjoy the day and the occasion.  You certainly have built up a load of stamina to help you round.  Good luck!!


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  7. Mcfluff

    Mcfluff I swear by the Couch to 5K programme  - it takes you from not running at all to running for 30 read moreminutes in nine weeks of structured walk/run workouts.  There's one on this site, or some people use the podcast on the NHS website.  If you' can already run for 18 minutes, you may find you can skip the first three or four weeks of the C25K, and still manage to complete it in time for your race five weeks away.

    Good luck.

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