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Hi all, just came across this site and had to say hello,

I'm a 53 year old bloke who does a bit of cycling, and until recently had never thought about running, my daughter runs and she said i ought to give it a go, but I never did.

4 weeks ago 3 members of my staff told me they had entered the race for life, and I thought, well if they can run 5k so can I ,

Have to say I found running more difficult than I thought I would. After  a first 2 mile attempt , wearing worn out gym shoes and a tracksuit made for winter cycle training, I bought a decent pair of running shoes and have not looked back.

On Saturday I entered my first Parkrun, in Sewerby and finished in 29;44 , I just can't wait to go back ,

I'm running alternate days, 5 to 7 k distance before work, and cycling on the other days, with a day off once a week for walking,hope to pick up some good tips on here.

chubster chubster

0 4 18 Jun 12

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  1. perry1471

    perry1471 congratulation on the park run chubster.

    Im 27 and starting running a couple of months ago and would like to start running in events but im a bit nervous about starting off so any advise from any1 would be helpful

    0 20 Jun 12
  2. Fiona Bugler

    Fiona Bugler Here's the reply to the other guy therunningbug.co.uk/.../11198.aspx

    0 18 Jun 12
  3. Fiona Bugler

    Fiona Bugler Well done Chubster. Great effort. Funnily enough I came across a video of the Sewerby park run when read moreI was browsing online over the weekend! Running's hard, but it's worth it for fitness results. There's another new person, I've just replied to, who's 57 and taking on his first Marathon. Must be something in the air ; ) Having coached lots of runners, many of whom started in their 50s and 60s, I can assure you, you'll never look back (unless it's to see who's on your shoulder!)

    0 18 Jun 12
  4. DA

    Danny91 Hey i'm new too :)

    0 18 Jun 12