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I've never thought about running a marathon, my daughter who has finished 3 marathons and 2 half marathons has persuaded me to attempt the Chester Marathon with her in October. I am 57, fairly fit for my age having played football all my life and would ask if anybody can give me any thoughts about a training programme. I have been running over the past few weeks and have managed runs varying from 3 miles to 8 miles.(10/11 minute mile).

The Chester Marathon is on 7th October, i have been told of 16 week programs leading upto marathon runs, is this a feasable target for a 57 year old. any input would be very much appreciated.

John B


JO John Belcher

0 3 18 Jun 12

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  1. JO

    John Belcher Well, I started my training for the Chester marathon in June and all appears to be going well at the read moremoment. Just finished (yesterday} a ten mile run with a number of long steep gradiants. Rest day today. I've entered the Isle of Man Half Marathon on 22nd July and would ask if anyone has any advice on training for the next 2 weeks.


    0 9 Jul 12
  2. JO

    John Belcher Fiona

    Many thanks for your advice, i have only registered on the site today and have not had chance to explore the content. I will look at the 'link' that you have posted. My main concern is my age and do these training programmes cater for all ages?

    Thank you again for your response, very much appreciated.


    0 18 Jun 12
  3. Fiona Bugler

    Fiona Bugler Hi John - yes. 16 weeks is ideal and you've already started. Key run is the long run. You've got plenty of time to build up to 20. Train in four week blocks and be realistic about what you can and cannot do every week (i.e. three to five runs a week?). Plan the best day for a long run, for most people Sunday, and allow three hours for the last part of the schedule. Ease back on week four, and rebuild in the next month. There's schedules and advice here on the bug. I'm a coach and have run 12 marathons and started when I was 34. Check out the marathon training section on this site, packed full of tips etc... and you'll get lots of support from the marathon training group. therunningbug.co.uk/.../training-for-marathon.aspx

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