Newbie saying hi! :)

Hi all,

newbie here saying hi and introducing myself! Well a little background on me I guess!

I took up running two years ago to lose weight for my wedding (was around the 16/17st mark and 5ft 10) and LOVED it, I lost around 5 stones and ran the Bupa London 10K. I was happier, healthier and fitter than I had ever been. After the wedding and during the honeymoon (booze and food 24/7!lol) the wight started to trickle back on and the running stopped. My wife got pregnant last Feb and since then I was comfort eating along with her and crept back up to 16st!! I am tired and lethargic and generally have no energy. I want to get back in shape (at least to where I was which was still heavier than I wanted to be) for when my Son (7mnths old) starts running around and kicking a football around!

So I have decided to start back on the couch 2 5K program which was so successful for me last time, cut out bad snacks and get motivated!

I just need to invest in some decent trainers and hit the road again, looking forward to sharing my journey with you all!

Lee Walker Lee Walker

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