Help training?

Hi Guys,

As it says on why I run, I'm doing this to get fit enough to join the armed forces. I have a training programme from the british army website but the problem is, the first one is run 2 mins walk 2 mins for 20 minutes.

I tried doing that and got to a minute and a half before I had to stop.

I'm going to have to train hard because I haven't done any serious exercise for the last 8 or 9 years and am about 3 stone overweight.

I've got my running shoes and I've been running once since I bought them. I've also joined a roller derby skating group and when I can afford to fully intend on joining the local gym and swimming sessions.


So the point of this post is to ask if anyone has any pointers or anything? How do you get past the whole 'damn, I'm so fat' bit, and how do you work past your blocks?

I've lost just over a stone since I started but I haven't lost any more weight in the last week. How do you break through the barriers?


Any advice or anything would be most appreciated as I do enjoy running and my end goal is very important to me.

Kaden Kaden

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  1. anni

    anni Rather than weigh yourself, measure yourself instead.  You may well find that although you are read morenot losing weight, you are losing inches.

    0 26 Jun 12
  2. Kaden

    Kaden Thanks so much for the support and advice guys!!! It's so reassuring to have people to talk to :)

    I shall check out and try all the suggestions, thanks so much! :)

    0 26 Jun 12
  3. macdaddy256

    macdaddy256 Work up to the start of the training program. Give yourself a couple of weeks to start it properly. read moreGet in some swimming and (if possible) cycling - both excellent ways to gently restart a rusty aerobic system.

    0 26 Jun 12
  4. monster2490

    monster2490 Hi kaden, i myself am running to get fit and lose weight, Try not to get too hung up on weight loss read moremate, as when your running you convert fat to muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. Try and weigh yourself once a week, you'll notice more of a difference. Also dont push youself too hard to start with nice and steady does it with plenty of rest in between day on day off. Congratulations for the weight loss so far, the main thing is keep going and never give up and swimming is an excellent second activity to do. Cardio vasclar. Good luck mate. P.s I'm ex forces too.

    0 26 Jun 12
  5. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Go onto ITunes and buy the 50 US Military Cadences album. Stick this on your pod. Run 3 times a read moreweek, and run a fast jog, say 7kph. Listen to the rhythm of the  album. Add 10% per week in time, not anything else, and keep listening to the album. You will learn all the I wanna be an Airborne Ranger songs and can repeat back with the troops. You can hear their feet stomping too, which will set your pace. Before long you will be running the full time of the album (90 mins or so) and will be more than able to up your pace later. This is a good way to start.

    0 26 Jun 12
  6. Rachel C

    Rachel C Hi Kaden

    Well done for making your first run. I know its hard, I really struggled when I first started and although not brilliant, I have made progress. If running for two minutes then walking is a bit too much for you, slow down your running a bit to something a little bit more comfortable for you  - dont go for an all out run at this stage. I would also recommend group activities.  I find it much easier to run with someone else. Have a look at parkrun.com and find your local run. I swear by these and find them enjoyable. Best of all they are free. Also, take a look at runengland.com. It will point you in the right direction of a running club which is beginner friendly. You have done very well to lose a stone - dont be dishartened because you havent lost any more -you have just hit a plateau, it will start coming off again soon.

    keep the good work up and let all the bugs know how you get on

    0 26 Jun 12