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I've had a period of intermittent training over the last year or so. I'm now fed up with myself and am looking for: a) a new challenge, b) a reason to move my lazy backside, c) a reason to really get back into training properly. Having stumbled upon the duathlon in Midlothian I quite fancy it. Anyone any experience/advice/motivation?

I am ticking over on 3 x per week running and, when my work shifts permit, cycling ang Muay Thai boxing. Biggest difficulty is the shifts and fitting in training around watching grand-daughter. I am 46, going on 47 and I suppose, reasonably fit but not as fit as 2 yrs ago. I am a member of a local athletics club but haven't made a training event since March; I don't mind running solo, in fact I enjoy it.

All feedback gratefully received.


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