Techno retard requires training help!

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there's a way or a program to upload/sync/add a marathon training plan to my iphone's calender so that when I get up in the morning it 'orders' me to get off my fat lazy ass and run??



AR ArchieTri

0 3 1 Jul 12

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  1. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith and Marathon Trainer is £6.99

    0 4 Jul 12
  2. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Marathon Trainer. But I am happy with the Nike+

    0 4 Jul 12
  3. Martin_M62

    Martin_M62 You can upload workouts and programmes to a Garmin and I'd guess it has to be possible for the read moreiphone, but I don't know what app you might need - sorry.

    0 4 Jul 12