Vegetarian Runners

In the 'olden days'  diet was not so important as it seems to be now. (I have been a vegetarian for the last  57 years)  Looking through the runner diet info emphasis does seem to be on meat eating...any vegetarian runners out there who could advise??

ElsieJoy ElsieJoy

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  1. RO

    Robert H Have you seen Scott Jurek's book Eat and Run? He's a top flight vegan ultramarathoner. I don't go as read morefar as veganism, but I have been a vegetarian runner now for 8 total years. I do not miss meat at all.

    0 28 Jun 13
  2. Clwydian

    Clwydian The Vegan Welsh 3000's. 52 km and 4,000 metres of ascent. Or you can do the 92km and 8,000 metre version.


    0 28 Jun 13
  3. Garry75Leeds

    Garry75Leeds mate of mine (shout out to mr chung) was up in snowdonia two weeks ago marshalling for the vegan read moresociety of something or other, they were doing some ultra fell runs, so it ain't a problem if you do it right.  

    0 27 Jun 13
  4. nunzi

    nunzi I see what your saying, but I cant get my head round whats best, through training, just befor and read moreafter for a good recovery. too many ideas out there for me. I think its what ever you feel is right for you really. but I could really do with working my diet plan out to be honest!

    0 27 Jun 13
  5. Tazzygirl

    Tazzygirl Oops forgot to add that I used 4 gels and a small bag of sweets during my run. All vegan suitable :)

    0 25 Jun 13
  6. Tazzygirl

    Tazzygirl Agree totally with FtF, I ran my first first full marathon distance just over two weeks ago. Whilst read morenot a total veggie myself (I only eat fish or chicken) I usually eat meat substitutes along lots of fruit and veg. In the build up to the run I did nothing different nutritional wise and just carb loaded during the last week with the usual, pasta , rice, gnocchis ect. I use protein shakes (vegan) after a hard workout like speed work, races or very long runs. Recovery wise again just I eat as normal with slightly higher protein levels although I did eat a lot more the following day. I ran a sub 4hr marathon, 10 days later I ran 5k in 22mins, all pretty much without meat. Am currently not running at the moment but that's due to a possible hernia rather than anything nutritional.

    There are plenty of veggie/ vegan runners who compete at all levels form beginner to elite so it's obviously not an issue, jus a matter of choice.

    Enjoy your running Elsiejoy :) x

    0 25 Jun 13
  7. trink

    trink Hehee I've been veggie for 33 years and I'm healthy and full of energy :) I can run as far as I want read moreto, and I don't have any issue building & retaining muscle or anything else my body was designed for.

    Personal choice is the key here, and I'm sure Scott Jurek would back me up on that one! :D

    Well done Elsiejoy, happy running to you. xx

    0 25 Jun 13
  8. Fattofit

    Fattofit @nunzi, it's definitely a personal choice what you choose to eat, but it is possible to survive read morewithout meat, you just have to research things a bit more when you first start out. I haven't eaten meat for 29 years, but now that I'm training, I'm aware that I need to start researching again to make sure my diet is spot on for the training and recovery needs.  You can get exactly the same amount of nutrition from a balanced vegi diet as you can a meat one, if you do it correctly :)

    0 25 Jun 13
  9. nunzi

    nunzi hi, really sorry but I cant agree, I eat meat every day steak, lamb chicken all kinds of fish and read moretotally love it. there aint anything wrong been vegi but im in training for a marathon and think this is my best way to get all my protein, carbs and everything in between for my recovery.

    0 24 Jun 13
  10. Fattofit

    Fattofit Hi Elsiejoy

    I don't eat meat, but I eat a little bit of fish occasionally. The no meat athlete site is really informative about diet so I'd have a nosey at that. I use a recipe from that site on my longer runs (pinto bean brownie). Before I run I eat porridge with banana and blueberries and flaxseed ( I also add flaxseed to fruit salad, soup, yogurt) after a run I'll grab a boiled egg (if you eat them?) or a bit of peanut butter. Longer runs, a hot chocolate :))

    I think if you've been vegetarian for 52 years, you'll probably be able to teach us a thing or two! Good luck with your running :)

    0 24 Jun 13
  11. eejit1

    eejit1 No problem at all being vegetarian/vegan and a runner. I am neither vegetarian/vegan, I guess, because I do eat a little fish and a little meat, but mostly I eat vegan. I like the no meat athlete site as well. The monumental american ultra runner Scott Jurek would probably tell you that being meat-free is best for your running. You might enjoy his book, I did.

    0 24 Jun 13
  12. Superleo831

    Superleo831 Also I add a table spoon of flax seed/seaseme seeds (ground up) on my ready brek with soya milk. Rammed with protein and carb.

    0 24 Jun 13
  13. Superleo831

    Superleo831 Have you seen the no meat athlete website/blog? Im vegetarian almost vegan and run about 20/25 miles read morea week. Google the website it is very good.

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  14. JA

    jameshill003 Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this unique information.. Really very much informative..


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  15. emso

    emso Sounds like a plan and porridge is a great Pre-run fuel I'm told.  I can't eat anything for read morehours before so have to gel it but lots of acquaintances swear by it. Try putting some flax on as well (18.3% protein). It is a little high in fat but that's because it is an oily seed so not really a suprise.

    0 15 Jul 12
  16. ElsieJoy

    ElsieJoy we eat loads of pulses but think I will up my oats and seeds/nuts . If I have my bowl of porrage on read morerun mornings and then  some seeds/nuts/piece cheese afterwards

    0 15 Jul 12
  17. emso

    emso I am not a veggie but eat meat probably about once every 6 months. I do also eat fish though which read moremade this protein issue a little less of a problem but I still was worried as I'm training for a full marathon. I eat quorn, nuts and seeds, beans and pulses and things like mozzarella but of course I do top up with fish once/twice a week. I'm doing fine and have definitely gained a whole load of muscle so I'm sure even without the fish you'll be fine.

    0 15 Jul 12
  18. ElsieJoy

    ElsieJoy Thanks for the link, much appreciated

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  19. Clwydian

    Clwydian Have a look at www.vegetarianrunner.com

    I know of lot veggie runners (including ultra trail runners and multi day event athletes) and they don't seem to have any issues.

    0 14 Jul 12