running races abroad - how to find them???

Hi guys and gals. I'm going on holiday in sept to gran canaria and although i knew it was a long shot in the heat i was looking to find out about any races going on>however from england it seems impossible. So i tried to find a decent overseas to look forward to next year but again trying to find a race diary from this country for another seems v v tricky. does anyone know of any mass sites that do an over view or even a tag line to google i'm missing??? would really like to be able to do one abroad. I look forward to any help cheers

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0 4 24 Jul 12

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  1. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Also, UK-wise the London races are great. The route for the BUPA London 10, the British 10 and the read moreRoyal Parks half is awesome. Amsterdam is great, Dublin, Paris has good 10Ks, Zurich and Istanbul are great.

    0 31 Jul 12
  2. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith I actually wanted to start a small group of people who wanted to do this. I am running the Marine read moreCorps Marathon Half in DC next year, and there is a half twice around the NASCAR track in Charlotte, and the most beautiful Cape Town. Runners World has a search engine and Race-calendar. The one I really wanted to run was Petra, but UNESCO just stopped that one.

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  3. Mr.M

    Mr.M I was also thinking of doing a run abroad next year. This is a site I found hope it helps.


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  4. steadyasshegoes

    steadyasshegoes Hi - I dont know of any specific sites but I can recommend the Gothenburg 1/2 Marathon which is usually held in May.

    I did it this year and it was really well organised the atmosphere was fantastic. In case your wondering how I found out about it my running partner is Swedish and had done the run before.

    Good luck in finding your future runs and enjoy your holiday.

    0 30 Jul 12