Marathon Place Sadness

So I got all excited, oxygen stopped pumping to my brain, and I signed up to run the Virgin London Marathon 2013 for St John Ambulance, partly because they are a good cause, partly because they give you a cool black running vest with the cross of St John on it, but mostly because they had places. All good? Well, all good until they mailed me saying welcome on board, that will be £100 and you need to raise a minimum of £1650. I mean, really? In this day and age, in the age of austerity! I could see that for a trip where you say fly to the Sahara for a trek, or the Andes for a climb, but running the streets of my home town? JOG ON

Darren Smith Darren Smith

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  1. BE

    Bex Marsh If you want another alternative marathon (and a bit of a challenge) you should check out the beachy read morehead marathon. It's cross country around the stunning seven sisters national park, and although it's the classic 26.2 miles, with the inclines it works out as more like about 30. Would be great for experienced runners or someone who doesn't want the pressures of the VLM.

    0 7 Aug 12
  2. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Ah. Well there are plenty of races listed on Runners World. I know when I booked Amsterdam and read moreDublin in October that there were plenty on the same dates. However, I didn't see any after.

    0 7 Aug 12
  3. BE

    becksc Well I have to get into London (about 55 minutes - except on Sundays when it inexplicably goes up to read more1hr16 minutes!) Then cross London to get a north bound train and then it's a 2 hour train ride from there.

    I might be tempted, I'll have a look later today...

    0 7 Aug 12
  4. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Sheffield is a 2 hour train from London. How far for you?

    0 6 Aug 12
  5. BE

    becksc Hmm Yorkshire may be a bit far given that I'm up that way not long after for the Great North - though it is tempting!

    Theres a local 10km at the end of August - that might do for one of them. I'll do some further digging I think!

    0 6 Aug 12
  6. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith The BUPA Great Yorkshire 10 on 2/9, depends on dates for October as the Royal Parks in London is at read morethe start 7/10 and Amsterdam 10/half/full is on the 21/10.

    0 6 Aug 12
  7. BE

    becksc I've went a bit mad after my first half marathon success last month and have decided that my read moreoriginal goal of 12 'events' for 2012 is do-able after all!

    I have the GNR and a local half marathon next month, then the great south and a local-ish half marathon in November.

    I need to find 2 more events before the end of December to achieve my goal! Any ideas? I'm thinking a couple of 10ks would do the job nicely!

    0 6 Aug 12
  8. AD

    Adam 1 James I've logged for the Manchester marathon next yea and Cardiff half in October. Apparently Cardiff is read morequite flat, but if Manchester like this year it ma b quite wet!!

    0 5 Aug 12
  9. MA

    Martin Jordan 1967 I enquired about the London marathon and was put off by the 'forced' sponsorship so entered, ran and read morecompleted the Manchester marathon ion April. I decided to run on behalf of my chosen charity Bolton Lads and Girls Club, raised a few quid for a charity I support with no pressure.

    0 5 Aug 12
  10. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Becks, I am going to do Brighton too. :) Ping me a message about it. Next month am running two tens read morethen two halves in October. You filling in the gap too?

    0 4 Aug 12
  11. BE

    becksc Yay! Let me know if you decide to go for it. I've heard good things like I said. Though if you're read morelooking for one abroad I have also heard that the Paris Marathon is excellent from a friend who has done London, Brighton and Paris

    0 4 Aug 12
  12. CO

    Cookie Hi Darren,

    When I turned 40 a couple of years ago one of the things I intended doing before I was 50 was to run a marathon. Having seen the London Marathon on tv over the years my aim was to run in that (I may still do at some stage) to discover the costs involved has really put me off to be honest. I'm doing the Blackpool half in September and having been running now for nearly a year I've bitten the bullet and just signed up for the Liverpool Marathon on 14 Oct 2012. It's not cheap (£49.45) but there's no pressure to raise money (I intend doing anyway - but for a local animal sanctuary in Bolton - v worthwhile cause) and I can now concentrate on preparing for the run rather than worrying about raising funds. With a population reportedly suffering from obesity you would think this Government would encourage sport participation rather than making those who want to get up and go have to pay through the nose to do it! Hope you find the right race for yourself. Enjoy Amsterdam - fantastic place to visit!


    0 2 Aug 12
  13. sagey

    sagey can I say that I did VLM for first time and thought that I would never get the sponsorship money but read morepeople were SO generous I raised £2k however I doubt if next year it will be the case as a first marathon is special and having another go they will not be so generous..

    0 1 Aug 12
  14. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith becksc, I may well go for Brighton too then. It wil be my first too.

    0 1 Aug 12
  15. Darren Smith

    Darren Smith I ran the BUPA London 10K for Diabetes, and people sponsored me, then did the Nike British 10K without, but I have the BUPA Great Yorkshire in Sheffield for Help for Heroes and Royal Parks for MS Society. I have sponsorship for all, a few hundred anyway but that is just way too much. As a runner I want to run those races without being tied to charity demands.

    I guess I shall just not do London. Amsterdam and Dublin you can buy places for 60 euros. I shall do those, as well as the halves. I shall just forget the London marathon for the foreseeable, until I have done others and can post a time where I get in.

    Blog: runnersknees.blogspot.co.uk

    0 31 Jul 12
  16. BE

    becksc It's that exact thig that's put me off London. It's such a big ask to make that kind of money in read moresponsorship - I know I would struggle.

    I've signed up for Brighton next year, and am really looking forward to it - having managed to get my own place - I've heard good things about it and not 'having' to raise an insane amount of money means the only pressure is getting round (which frankly is enough for a first marathon!)

    0 31 Jul 12
  17. Adam

    Adam That's pretty much par for the course with VLM charity places, Darren. I'm worried that it's read morestarting to creep into other events too - there's an ultra around London that looked interesting but you have to raise £700+ for their own charity. But there is such a demand for the VLM that there are enough people willing and able to commit to the financial demands that it will probably cost more and more each year until it becomes impossible for everyday runners like ourselves to get in.

    I would suggest looking for other events (Brighton is good!) that only require an up-front entry fee and then if you decide to run for a charity you can choose one that means more to you and raise whatever you can without pressure.

    0 31 Jul 12