Yellow running shoes

It might just be me,,, but I've noticed that quite a few of the olympic runners are wearing yellow shoes.    Does anyone know what brand/make they are?  I need to buy a quality pair of running shoes in the next couple of months, so could do with some advice.

Thanks   :)

AL Ali W

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  1. SempreSami

    SempreSami The only murmurs I saw about who wears what was related to the potential ****storm over the likes of Farah and Greene, GB athletes sponsored by Nike, wearing their sponsor's footwear rather than the adidas GB gear on the podium.

    A compromise must have been reached over that because I've a photo here of Farah and Greg Rutherford wearing the adidas Supernova Glides from the Team GB kit. Both competed in those fluorescent Nike spikes.

    0 25 Aug 12
  2. Sonia001

    Sonia001 Iv just purchased some Nike Lunarlon. Very comfy and a bit wider at the toe bit.

    Mine are grey with floouro yellow soles and side bts. Its comming up to running in the dark time of yr again so should show up a bit more.

    I red that in the stadium  they where all told they could only ware Adidas due to sponsership so they all wore Nike as a protest. Not sure if thats true but its a little amusing  anyway. I really like Nike. Le coq sportif..now theres a blast from the past....better get some work done, or even better have another cup of tea.

    0 23 Aug 12
  3. SempreSami

    SempreSami And the yellow Nike shoes referred to are probably from their Volt track and field collection (www.fitsational.com/.../gear-nike-volt-track-and-field-collection).

    Seems to be a trend for Nike and adidas to use the same colour for all of their shoes at big international events. At the last football World Cup, all of Nike's boots were light purple and orange while all of adidas' boots were black and yellow.

    0 23 Aug 12
  4. SempreSami

    SempreSami Tariku Bekele (10k bronze medalist) was wearing some white and blue Nikes.

    0 23 Aug 12
  5. DA

    dancing_in_spikes The ones that are right for your feet. You have to be blind to the colour when you are choosing a read moremodel. Only when you have found the right shoe should you pay attention to asking what colours it comes in!

    0 21 Aug 12
  6. Adam

    Adam Comfortable ones! No, really - go to a running shop and try a few on. Everyone will have their read morefavourites and ones they dislike and it's pretty difficult for someone who doesn't know you or your running style to recommend a pair of shoes.

    0 6 Aug 12
  7. AL

    Ali W So any advice on what trainers to buy?

    0 6 Aug 12
  8. Shea

    Shea The USA team are all wearing Nike as their sports 'uniform' (Ralph Lauren for casual and blazers). read moreThe yellow trainers were for leisure rather than competitive I believe - certainly re the swimmers (yes that's kinda obvious in retrospect but hey...)

    'We' set up temporary changing rooms etc for them / Nike at various UoEL venues around Stratford. Unfortunately didn't get to bag any product or give aways.

    0 6 Aug 12
  9. chubster

    chubster The guy who came third in the 10,000 metre track event was wearing one green shoe and one blue????

    0 6 Aug 12
  10. Westie

    Westie I imagine a lot of the men and women in the athletics are wearing their sponsor's latest gear.

    0 6 Aug 12
  11. Adam

    Adam I noticed too, I think they were Nike. However, I doubt the colour makes you run any faster (or the read morebrand too, for that matter) and they're probably made for lightness rather than longevity.

    0 5 Aug 12