hi, evil inner squeak

just joined...not sure why, as I am a solitaire runner who finds it difficult to run with anyone else, I do run a lot, I dont consider myself to be any good at it and to be honest find it boring and always glad when I have completed a run!! I have really struggled dissasociating myself when running and when running a   little voice in my head squeaks to me "this is rubbish, you got ages to run yet, your already out of breath, your ankles hurting, your not gaining anything, you may aswell go home and eat a bacon butty and smoke a ***....blah blah" then their is a battle of wits to stay on task until I complete my run...then go home have a bacon butty and *** lol! Anyway today i ran a comfortable 6 miles, alas I had to listen to an audiobook on full blast in my lugs to stop my evil squeak spoiling things...Am I the only runner who actualy doesnt really like it?

dawngraveson dawngraveson

0 0 7 Aug 12

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