Maintanence programmes

Hi there


I have been training for half marathons for about a year now .


I was wondering if anybody had advice about maintanence programmes in between actual training programmes. I realise that there is an element of recovery post race, but as everyone knows most training programmes are 10 or 12 weeks long and I'm presuming its not good running at a certain intensity idefinately. I have seen some folk reccomending cross training and stuff but am uncertain what to do prior to commencing on my next 12 week preperation.


Hope this makes sense your thoughts would be appreciated!!

ED Edinburghdave

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  1. KA


    After resting from a race I tend to keep myself ticking over doing a few runs a week,not particularly fast or long but enough to keep my legs ticking over!! Finished a half yesterday so il probably swim and cross train this week then keep on with a few runs after that,I do always tend to stay 'race ready' though,might not be good but works for me

    0 17 Sep 12
  2. RE

    Red Cat

    If I understand you right, this might be helpful.  I do swimming just for fun and never bother with races.  So between races (when running), I adopt the same approach I do with swimming - pick a distance I'm comfortable with (ie 8 miles for a long run) and stick with it (doing fewer or more miles some weeks depending on how I feel).  I've also tried the Zombie Run (available as an app on smart phones and iphones) and it's really good fun - just what you need for those times when you've no particular schedule to follow but still want to push yourself.  It works on the principle that, at random times, you'll have to run 20% faster than base pace if you want to escape the zombies and succeed the mission. First time I tried it, I was running for nearly five minutes flat out and survived a broken leg and being shot in the back.  As you do.  

    0 16 Sep 12
  3. AL

    Alan Playle

    What I tend to do is run longer distance (half marathon and 10's) during the winter and spring then transition to shorter runs and more speed work in anticipation of running 10K and 5K races during the summer.

    Perhaps after a short recovery period (less mileage and less intensity) you could try a period of speed work before starting the next training plan?

    0 17 Aug 12