Bug Running Day 8th September - Who's in?

Right we've talked about this before and now let's put a marker on the calender and just do it.



On Sunday the 8th September put on your running kit (if you have a Bug Top please wear it), lace up your trainers and at 9:30am (BST) step out your front door and start your run.

You can run, jog, walk for as long and as far as you like but try to be out for at least 20 minutes and thus for those 20 minutes at least, you will know that the poeple who say "I'm in" below will be right there with you, maybe not in body but definatley in spirit.

We should also share this with our friends and also via social media and see if we can get as many people running on this one date.



Log on to Bug Miles and start your comment with your number and tell us how many other runners you saw.




Garry B Garry B

0 433 18 Jun 13

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  1. Achilles Ache

    Achilles Ache Would love to do this. But like Chief Wiggum will also be in the land of nod (hopefully) after being on nights :-(

    0 7 Jul 13
  2. CA

    catherine go 4 gold It sounds amazing so i think am in

    0 7 Jul 13
  3. Mcfluff

    Mcfluff Thanks Garry, I was a bit slow on the uptake about the moving of the thread.  Whoops :-)

    C,mon Bug Towers, this could be bigger than Wimbledon, the Olympics and the Diamond League all put together!

    0 7 Jul 13
  4. Garry B

    Garry B We have moved this over to a new thread as I felt the number of replies in this one was putting people off looking in, the new thread is here: therunningbug.co.uk/.../14648.aspx

    Mcfluff you are number 00129 if you want it, I will reply on the other thread on your behalf.

    Please now use the other thread so show your interest.

    We so need Bug Towers to pick this up.

    0 6 Jul 13
  5. Mcfluff

    Mcfluff Please may I be number 125?

    0 6 Jul 13
  6. Edward Batch

    Edward Batch Do you want some photo On the day.

    0 6 Jul 13
  7. Helvellyn Girl

    Helvellyn Girl Yea, thanks Garry.

    0 4 Jul 13
  8. AN

    Anonymous that sounds promising, well done and thanks for pushing this

    0 4 Jul 13
  9. Garry B

    Garry B They have said the new events section is a couple of weeks away and they are working flat out to get read moreit online but in the mean time we should keep this in the limelight so when the section does open this can be moved over and then promoted properly and because of our efforts it should hit the ground running - pun intended. :-)

    So we just need to keep this high up the forum threads so that everyone can see it, as I said I will start a new thread later.

    0 4 Jul 13
  10. Helvellyn Girl

    Helvellyn Girl It's pouring with rain here. Waterproofs needed today methinks!

    0 4 Jul 13
  11. AN

    Anonymous any joy getting the admins to promote it Garry?

    0 4 Jul 13
  12. Garry B

    Garry B Morning Bugsters I hope you are all well this fine Thursday morning and looking forward to the good read moreweather that we have been promised here in the UK for the next few days.

    We only had one number taken yesterday, can we get a few more today? We are looking for number 00125.

    Please help us keep this in the spot light by spreading the word whenever you can, how about inviting the new Bugs when they say Hi on the forum? Let's get as many people supporting each other as we can at this one point in time.

    Later I will start a new thread because I think the size of this one is scaring people off because who wants to trawl through 400 posts to look for a little nugget. So I will start a new thread and bring all the other links, bib design etc together at the start.



    0 4 Jul 13
  13. Garry B

    Garry B Sorry my mistake, Craig you are 000124, I forgot about Cas2 at 00123.

    Here's the full list please make sure I have not missed you:

    No. Name

    00001 Garry B

    00002 rob k

    00003 Donna Corrigan

    00004 plustenner

    00005 clairlouise1

    00006 kat707

    00007 fattofit

    00008 LittleMissSmiley

    00009 mick-lee

    00010 Sharks

    00011 Mini Mel

    00012 vixibix

    00013 Russell Rawles

    00014 Helvellyn Girl

    00015 LG09

    00016 joyful

    00017 SpeedyGonzales

    00018 Jordy

    00019 Nelly Waite

    00020 Alexandra Brown

    00021 kristie

    00022 Erurainon

    00023 katemoosie

    00024 Tazzygirl

    00025 oohmercyme

    00026 cliffpace

    00027 Tiger-Lily

    00028 DickieThe Brickie

    00029 afiny

    00030 Runningbull

    00031 Earlybird

    00032 Superleo831

    00033 67richard

    00034 Loopy Lind

    00035 Peppermint

    00036 Trippitaka

    00037 jeaniebeanie60

    00038 COB

    00039 Smurfit

    00040 new body wanted

    00041 lana hornigold

    00042 curly watson

    00043 Richard Brookes

    00044 Diliz

    00045 Shawy

    00046 ANITA51

    00047 eejit1

    00048 james mccann

    00049 bex2013

    00050 emmaharrop

    00051 evilthumper

    00052 mike G

    00053 Mick173

    00054 rachaelc

    00055 keith toms

    00056 nursecathy

    00057 trink

    00058 John M S

    00059 Gordon Woodlands

    00060 Steve 13.1

    00061 Phil T

    00062 BrianM

    00063 steven.bellamy

    00064 fordie

    00065 Nikkihare86

    00066 mickeboy

    00067 alphonos

    00068 bslfrench64

    00069 shazza247

    00070 jethroh65

    00071 coops1505

    00072 scdors

    00073 Ginnyrin

    00074 Zoey Staniforth

    00075 Sammie10457

    00076 The Boy Shep

    00077 k9clc

    00078 Annaliseh

    00079 MamieS

    00080 asayer

    00081 Michael RT

    00082 Tonyandollie

    00083 pault49

    00084 nowirun

    00085 SteveT

    00086 daucus

    00087 jewal

    00088 --Phil--

    00089 Suze45

    00090 Maggie Trusdale

    00091 AJKTF

    00092 falcon11

    00093 DanAllen93

    00094 simscriv

    00095 Dave Reid

    00096 Clare Tatton

    00097 RunnerBean

    00098 old badger

    00099 rickstudzinski

    00100 SimpleVince

    00101 Meercat 58

    00102 MCOH

    00103 higgy68

    00104 more tortoise than hare

    00105 RacheW

    00106 JulesManx

    00107 Vinnylow

    00108 rob234

    00109 Orangejude

    00110 catherine go 4 gold

    00111 Jessica Halsey

    00112 Louise Anyon

    00113 debstar74

    00114 bsmith90

    00115 jurarity777

    00116 Gabi67

    00117 SarahNut

    00118 emso

    00119 chrissie2851

    00120 PaulieW

    00121 Glencross

    00122 Kitty Katt

    00123 Cas2

    00124 craig9000

    0 3 Jul 13
  14. Garry B

    Garry B Craig your warm up will count so you are indeed 00123, nice one.

    1st sign up today, who's next?

    0 3 Jul 13
  15. Helvellyn Girl

    Helvellyn Girl I think that makes you number 000123 craig.

    0 3 Jul 13
  16. craig9000

    craig9000 I'm in but doin a 10k run that day so my run will start at 10.00am.

    0 3 Jul 13
  17. Helvellyn Girl

    Helvellyn Girl Come on Bugs, you know you want to!

    0 3 Jul 13
  18. Garry B

    Garry B Must be still out running today as well HG :-D

    At least Facebook is still growing with over 600 invited on there now; please if you have a Facebook account and if you have not done so already follow this link and invite all your family and friends and let's get as many people out together on this one as day we can.


    Meanwhile on here we are still waiting for 00123 to be claimed, someone must want it?

    0 3 Jul 13
  19. Helvellyn Girl

    Helvellyn Girl I think they are all out running Garry!

    0 2 Jul 13
  20. Garry B

    Garry B That's great Glencross, thank you for being one of our international runners.

    Where is everyone today? 00123 is still waiting to be claimed.

    0 2 Jul 13