Help! I need headphones for running!

I'm really struggling to get in-ear headphones suitable for running with half decent sound for small ears. My most recent purchase of yurbuds, a product aimed at women with smaller ears, was a failure. The smallest size kept falling out and after correspondence with the yurbuds people (including sending pics of my ear with and without their product in) they concluded their product was no good for me.

Does anyone have some good product recommendations?

joannaabfab joannaabfab

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  1. adhang

    adhang Since running headphones are enormous online, finding the best running or workout headphones is hard. Last year i purchased Jaybird X2 Wireless Sweat-Proof Micro-sized Bluetooth Sport Headphones - Alpha from http://www.jukemania.com/best-wireless-earbuds-for-working-out/ and it has remain a wonderful experience.

    0 26 Apr 16
  2. jgi751987

    jgi751987 Have you tried the Urbanz Sportz or Strive ? Both have in-ear design and come with smaller buds? I think can be found on Amazon and eBay however here's the link to them both.http://www.cyw-urbanz.com/sports-gym-runningheadphones.html

    0 6 Oct 15
  3. MA

    Marry Chen hey, you should try to see review in here http://www.thebestearbuds.com/best-bluetooth-headphones-for-running/ I see some bluetooth headphones secure fit and sound quality

    0 11 Jun 15
  4. Marry93

    Marry93 I think it is difficult to choose the best bluetooth headphones for gym or running. But In my opinion I think you should choose Sony SBH80 Bluetooth in-ear headphones. With battery life enough time for a day about 6 hours and delivers better sound for running

    0 12 May 15
  5. MI

    Mikegray233 I have a pair of (girls! but only because theyre red) Headphones from ASDA that cost £7.They're read more'sports' versions and have really usefully additions on them that keep the headphone in place while you run - theyre awesome.Think theyre called iLuv or something - at least thats whats written on the side of them.

    0 5 Nov 13
  6. yamsteroo

    yamsteroo After breaking my ultra adjustable Nike headphones and finding it would be £80 to replace them, I read moreended up with the Karrimor neck band phones too!  (after a few hit and misses with over ear Philips, JVCs and the likes ... they all fell out even when walking).The sound quality isn't fantastic but hey, I'm out running and kind of like hearing if a mad axe murderer is sneaking up behind me so I don't have the music that loud anyway.  I've used them rain and shine for a few months now and they've been great.  Only thing I don't like is the colour but at least I can find them easily ....

    0 16 Oct 13
  7. gwendoll16

    gwendoll16 I have the Phillips 'round the ear' ones and they have always been great. I rarely listen to music read morewhile running any more but would recommend them highly. I use them smallest size buds and they're very comfy.I also didn't get on with the Yurbuds which really bugged me because I like the idea of them I just have such little ears!. It's good of them to have gone through all the steps with you though.

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  8. Tazzygirl

    Tazzygirl Been using these for best part of two years now cheap and stay in place no probs :)http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-band-earphones-764068

    0 27 Sep 13
  9. eejit1

    eejit1 I am not a woman but I am small in most places, including the ears. I am using JVC Gumy Plus (the read moreplus is important, in-ear buds) and the sound is good enough and they don't fall out. Cheap as chips from asda or wherever so nothing to lose giving them a go eh?

    0 26 Sep 13
  10. JA

    Janie77 Hi I had the same problem but found the apple headphones fitted me but kept falling out when I ran read morethen a friend told me about a product called earbudi they clip on to ur apple headphones and hold them in place. I got mine from Amazon and love them , hope this helps :)

    0 26 Sep 13
  11. Tiger-Lily

    Tiger-Lily Hi Joanna. You are not alone! For me it's my left ear every in-ear headphones seem to fall out. read moreHowever I found a pair very similar to those on the link from earlgreysian and because they mould round your outer ear they stay firmly in place. I can't remember where I got them from I think it was Currys but I think the Philips ones are well priced and look like they will do the job. TL

    0 12 Sep 13
  12. joannaabfab

    joannaabfab Thanks!! 

    0 12 Sep 13
  13. earlgreysian

    earlgreysian Hello, I had the same problem, but not any more. I discovered a pair of over the ear ones made by Philips. They are very adjustable and are the the only ones I've had that stay in when I move. Here's the link to the Amazon listing:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-SHQ3200-10-ActionFit-Headphones/dp/B008ZW2VAW/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1379015761&sr=8-15&keywords=earphones+philipsI hope this helps. Good luck, Siân

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  14. SandMan

    SandMan Hi JoannaabfabWhilst having to confess to not being a women, I have the same problem.I get round it read morebe using my 'Bugdana' to hold them in place. If you log your miles in the Bug Miles section you have a pretty good chance of winning one as we give away 25 a week.I agree - seems crazy that there isn't an obvious choice but I probably try and different pair a month and no success yet!Happy running!SandMan

    0 12 Sep 13