1st 5k in 3 weeks..

Hi , I can light jog just about a mile but it kills me! However for incentive I’ve signed up my 1st 5k to keep me on the straight and narrow and I really want to achieve this.. is 3 weeks pushing my luck???

Ashlie x Ashlie x

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  1. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice A mile is great start just keep adding little bits as they say little bits add up to a big bit

    0 11 Jan 19
  2. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Yes I’m amazed at my little mile :)

    0 11 Jan 19
  3. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice Just 3 miles you say well anyone doing 3 miles is doing fantastic I'd say

    0 11 Jan 19
  4. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice As Ian said we were all like you at first. Just don't be in a rush and compare yourself with others read morewho been at it for years , steady progress is the way

    0 11 Jan 19
  5. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Really! Thanks

    0 11 Jan 19
  6. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Ashlie, at one point we were exactly where you are now, this time next year you may be doing your 1st marathon.

    0 11 Jan 19
  7. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Thankyou it seems impossible at times and it’s just 3 miles!! All you are doing marathons it amazes me

    0 11 Jan 19
  8. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice I'm sure you'll be fine come the day Ashlie. just take it steady don't go beyond your limitations

    0 11 Jan 19
  9. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Can only try!

    Heaton park

    0 5 Jan 19
  10. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Entering races does indeed give a focus and motivation, which one you doing

    0 5 Jan 19
  11. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Yes it’s 3 weeks, I have a 5k from last time I attempted and got to almost 3 miles when I hurt my read morehip and I just let it go. This is why I’ve entered a race so early I just need a focus. I’ve managed to add my run Thankyou I like the 5k app but I was a bit ahead of it , my plan is to run a few mins walk one till I’m doing that the whole distance. I have a Fitbit yes. Thanks for your help. I’ve got a badge now :)

    0 5 Jan 19
  12. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Dont know if your using a gps watch etc as you can link them to here, but by far the easiest way is read moreto manually input your run, from the home page where it says, add run. Logging runs is a great way for other to follow you and encourage you and also for you to see others and their runs and you can comment on them. We all help and encourage each other.

    Slow is ok when starting out, as is walk / run. Did you start the C25K from midway in the plan, isnt your 5k in a few weeks.

    0 5 Jan 19
  13. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Oh thanks is that what I need to do, I’ll have a look how to add runs.. all going ok making sure I read morewalk the distance and can do a mile and a half , slow but I’m ok with that

    0 5 Jan 19
  14. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Should be doable, hopefully you've got on the C25K and all is going well. If you were to log your read moreruns on here, follow people and join in then you will get lots of help and support on your journey.

    0 5 Jan 19
  15. Ashlie x

    Ashlie x Just downloading couch to 5k as we speak! I’d do circuit training and walking so not terribly unfit. read moreI’m happy to walk a tiny bit mid way :)

    0 2 Jan 19
  16. greyflash

    greyflash I trained about 1 mile every day for about 6 weeks before doing my first 5k for 30+ years. I hadn't read moretrained before that but I keep fit by walking/cycling and I'm slim. I hope your chosen 5K is fairly flat.

    0 2 Jan 19
  17. rob k

    rob k If you are reasonably fit then 5kis doable in 3 weeks. To help prepare you could do part of a couch read moreto 5k training programme to give you some momentum and be prepared to walk part of the event.

    0 2 Jan 19