Weight Loss

Hello everyone

I have only recently started running and am also following the weight watchers diet. I have exercised for the last two weeks and following the plan and didnt lose any weight!!!

Can anyone advise why this happened? Am drinkingn plenty, i think enough and just dont understand.

Its quite disheartening


JA janey

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  1. MA

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  2. DI

    Diggerbez hopefully your weightloss has picked up a little? just one thought to add to mike's question about read moreensuring that you are counting everything carefully- are you eating extra points because you are exercising? it might be that you are overestimating your activity level and therefore your calorie deficit isn't enough to lose weight (3500 cals defecit per week required to lose 1lb)

    whilst i agree that you can't turn muscle into fat- you can build muscle and it is heavy- but unless you are pumping iron and having 57 egg whites and protein shakes a day then you realistically aren't building that much just by running! i actually don't massively go off what the scales tell me as i find it disheartening- 1lb a week weightloss is massive for me- but i do measure body fat religiously (well my personal trainer does it)- he uses a manual method but many scales now have a body fat function- there are the odd anomallies (as you would get with weight anyway- esp if you are female) but over time you can see progress. also- measure yourself- arms, hips, waist etc and sure that you will soon see results :)

    good luck

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  3. mike G

    mike G While I agree about bmi ,inch loss and being healthy. And I know your just trying to be helpful, read morenobody has ever turned fat to muscle it just cant happen. You do however need to eat a small amount of fat within a diet to allow weight loss and to build muscle. People often feel they have gained muscle because they start to see them all thats happened is the fat is going. If you look at long distance runners anything over 1500 meters they are all very slim and have little muscle mass unlike sprinters

    Im just being honest and hope you appreciate it, are you counting absolutely everything your eating ? it easy to not count "little bits"

    The other thing that happens when people exercise is they tend to do far less during the day as they feel they have done enough by having a run etc

    Good luck and keep with the running

    Mike G

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  4. NO

    nosveratum How's the weight loss going Sian? I hope your WW group could answer your questions?

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  5. JA

    janey Hi Amanda,

    thanks for your reply. I`ll stickwith it. I really enjoy the running anyway....which I never thought I would but I always fancied giving it a try and now am glad I did!

    Been out this evening, without my partner, who always spurs me on brilliantly. Am ecstatic that I did the same amount tonight as I did last time I went out with him....does that make sense!!!!

    I`m rambling now but also have to say I found the breathing slightly easier tonight but my legs hurt more!!!!! boo hoo!


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  6. AM

    Amanda Hello!!!

    Welcome to running!!!

    Check out all the replies to another topic about losing weight.

    When i trained for the London marathon I didnt lose any weight! I actually gained weight but lost inches. Running and other exercise turns wobbly bits to muscle which is a heavier tissue than fat. Dont get disheartened by not losing weight, try measuring yourself instead. I am a hefty 10.5-11 stone at 5 foot six but I wear size 10 clothes so I am not going to get hung up on the fact that I am very heavy and have a high BMI. It is much better for you to be healthy, musclier and heavier. than wobblier and lighter?

    Im no diet expert but I also believe that if you are on a calorie-controlled diet, your body may be taking its energy for running from the wrong `stores` in your body. It will try and preserve itself so you wont lose weight? Your weightwatchers group may be able to provide you with a more suitable plan for your exercise regime?

    A lot of it depends on the distances you are running and what is appropriate?

    Dont get disheartened, hang in there! Running has loads of benefits in addition to the health ones, including improved confidence. Give it time and most importantly, enjoy it, particularly in this lovely weather!

    Good luck and best wishes!!


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