Painful Knee

Hi There,

New girl on the block here!

I am am training for my first 10k which is in just over a week. I have not been out for past 4 days due to a painful and slightly swollen left knee. Had a few niggles here and there - I ran 10k last week (furthest so far!) and felt fine after - but then thinking I was wonder woman - instead of having a rest the next day I went out again - then knee became really quite sore.

Went to physio who advised that it is a tendon problem - not the knee joint itself. The pain has been reducing. He massaged and used ultra sound thing on knee and advised that cycling would be beneficial as would work the tendon and increase blood supply without any impact (also keep up fitness). Anyone else tried this?

I want to get a few runs in before the race but dont want to risk injury. Went for a cycle tonight - ok, but not as good as a run. On the upside the knee is fine!

Should I risk a run before the race or carry on cycling til the big day then go for it??

All advise welcome!


BO BobbyGirl

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  1. BO

    BobbyGirl Thanks a lot, RTS. Will def have a look at the other posts for the excercises.

    Cheers for now,


    0 20 May 08
  2. respectthestupidity

    respectthestupidity Well done BobbyGirl, it sounds like you had a great time. And the time is good for a first 10k outing. Nice One!

    Glad to hear you`ve signed up for another one. Keep it up. Like you say, don`t get bitten again.

    Enjoy the `exercised feeling`, that`s your personal medal for all the hard work you put in. make sure you keep stretching so you don`t get stiff - especially your hams if that is where you are feeling it most.

    Well done again! Bring on the next one!!


    P.s. did you see the knee strength / support exercises on one of the other posts. They might help.

    0 20 May 08
  3. BO

    BobbyGirl Hi There,

    Just a note to say - that I took the advice, did the cycling and didn`t run until my 10K (apart from a little shorty to see if I could remember how to do it!!) Ran the race yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it - time was 1:04 so not breaking any records but I was happy with that and even happier that the old knee held out - no pain there at all :)

    Won`t be making the same mistake twice though - building up very gradually from now on - once bitten and all that....

    Feeling it a bit today in the hamstrings but in a good way, if that doesn`t sound too masochistic? Its like a wee reminder every so often that I achieved something yesterday - or maybe thats just me??

    Thanks for the advice and support - have already signed up for the next one!


    0 19 May 08
  4. respectthestupidity

    respectthestupidity I`m glad you mentioned the camber on the road. It`s surprising how little things have very big read moreimpact over a period of time. That`s a good tip to all new runners. Mix the routes up, run on the other side of the road, run in the opposite direction round a favourite route, get off-road and hit the trails / grass. Keep things varied.



    0 9 May 08
  5. BO

    BobbyGirl Thanks for this RTS,

    Yes the physio`s exam was pretty thorough and I`ve used him before so do trust him.

    His advice was pretty similar to yours ie to stay off the running until the race and do some cycling / swimming in the meantime if I wanted to keep excercising. He also advised possibly running on the other side of the road if I was doing the same route regularly as the camber of the pavement could have an impact on one knee (like walking around with one knee slightly bent for a while). The same advice from 2 folk who know what they are talking about should be heeded, I guess. I`m sure I`ll be tempted to try a run - if I am, I`ll make it a shorty!

    Thanks again - I`ll let you know how I get on! BG

    0 9 May 08
  6. respectthestupidity

    respectthestupidity I`m very sorry, I forgot my manners.

    Hi BobbyGirl, and welcome to the Bug.

    Good luck with the knee, and best of luck with the 10K. Let us know how you get on.


    0 9 May 08
  7. respectthestupidity

    respectthestupidity Knees! Bloody things. I`ve just had a problem with one. Saw my trusted (and very good) physio friend read morewho was very thorough, assessing everything from feet to back. Turns out my left foot pronates very slightly (possibly of no significance) and my left ilio-tibial band is tight. Some appropriate advice and, hey presto, three days later I`ve no knee problem. He`s a genius.

    To cut to the chase, hopefully your physio did a thorough examination and is corect in the diagnosis. The cycling I`m sure will be beneficial. Did he offer any advice regarding running?

    If it were me I`d be thinking that I`m not going to significantly improve my fitness for the race in a week, so don`t run. Especially as this would be a taper week if it was an important race. Let the injury heal. Do some cycling, but don`t overdo it as you`ll be using different muscle groups and may cause soreness or tightness for the race. Keep the gears low and spin high revs. If you do find the temptation to try a run too great, take it easy and stop as soon as the knee hurts. And don`t try an experimental run too close to race day.

    0 9 May 08