Uncomfortable shoes

Hello everyone,

I`m after some idea`s. My wife and I have just started training for a 5k race in july, BUT im struggling a little bit with my trainers. When i run my Big toe on my right foot (only) hurts. It feels as if its being nipped, like my trainers are too small but they`re not. I have a little space around all my toes in my shoes, its JUST where my big toe is.

Any ideas for perhaps padding out that part of the trainer, raising the seam a bit ? I seem to think i`ve heard somewhere that you can use wet newspaper ? Or have i just dreamt it, lol.

Any help would be appreciated


Paul (Jopaul)

jopaul jopaul

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  1. jopaul

    jopaul Hi Gromit

    Just thought id give you an update, I took the insoles out of my trainers and went for a run today. It felt a bit uncomfortable at 1st, very "hard" on my feet, and i sufferef from pains in my ankles, knee`s and shins, BUT the pinching of my big toe had completely gone,lol.

    SO, im going to perservere without the insoles and see how it feels after a few runs.

    Cheers again


    0 13 May 08
  2. jopaul

    jopaul Thanks for taking the time to reply Gromit, but i have had the trainers for quite a while, just not read moreused them much, so i dont think taking them back to the shop is an option. Im due to run again 2moro, so i`ll try your suggestion and see how it goes.



    0 12 May 08
  3. GR

    Gromit Hi Jopaul,

    firstly, welcome to the running bug, and it`s good to read your post. I would rcommend taking the shoes back to the shop you bought them from, and ask their advice, as they sold them too you, and should have taken time to measure your feet and ensure that the fit was good.

    Most good running shops will take a view that if they have got it wrong, even if you have worn them, that they would replace them for you. It doesn`t sound like you have done many miles in them.

    The only alternative is to remove the insole, and try a short run and see if the relieves the problem by creating a couple of milimeters more space.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    regards, Gromit

    0 11 May 08