Running faster

I have started running three months ago.

My goal is to run a half-marathon next year.

I would like to have some advice on how to double my speed. (Over a 9 months period).

I run 8.4 miles in 90 minutes.

I run between 4 and 5 times a week


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  1. CA

    CarolineLucie Thanks Amanda,

    In fact I felt I was running at such a low speed that by doubling my speed I would be fast enough to overtake most of the pedestrians.

    I guess I am a little bit impatient, but I really wonder whether it is possible to increase its speed and how long it does take ...


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  2. AM

    Amanda Hi!

    Welcome to running!

    Doubling your speed is an immense goal!! You are currently running at just over 10 minute miling which is a pretty good pace. If you run twoce as fast, youl be running at a similar speed to the professional marathon runners like Paula Radcliffe etc. Aiming for 8 min miling will see you complete the half marathon in about 1h 45m which is a pretty good time!

    When I started running I just churned out the miles and this is not the best way to train. When I joined my running club i learned how training at your lactate threshold improves your speed. The lactate threshold is the pace at which your bodyis working most efficiently. By running at this pace, your body `learns` how to deal with the consequences of running faster more effectively. You know you are running at your lactate threshold when you can still talk but it is not easy - maybe another forum member will explain this better for you because I feel that I am doing a terrible job here ha ha!!

    Fartlek is another type of training that can improve speed. It involves running quickly, then slowly, then quickly and so on. This can be done with lapmposts as markers for example.

    Running faster is the only way that you can learn to run faster so it needs to be incorporated into your training with the longer runs

    Lots of good luck

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