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I try to run at least 3 times a week ,one long run about 7 miles and two shorter ones.I dont do mornings as I am SO not a morning person and find speaking difficult let alone running at that time .I have 4 children ...they are not tiny 19 ,15,13 ,11 but still demanding and I work. I do go to the gym twice a week and do some weights too ...keeps the bingo wings at bay .I would love to train more often for longer but life gets in the way.Would love to run a marathon but all that training!!!!!??? Would interval training or fartlek be better as it is more intense or is there no substitute for kranking out the miles.

Also after a long run next morning I feel like a large truck has run me over...keep putting down to old age and have a rest day .

I do try to listen to my body but it keeps saying stay home and eat biscuits so I ignore it more often than not.

Got a 10k in hyde park july so training for that want to do it in an hour...forever an optimist me.

Maybe should accept that as a lady of a certin age running the streets of west london is ungignified and should take up knitting or bowles ha ha

....or Yoga its good for MADONNA

sagey sagey

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  1. BO

    BobbyGirl Old man cooking and a maid - liking your style!!

    Believe me - I do have collapsing in front of east-enders days, I just prefer to call them rest days!!

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  2. sagey

    sagey Hiya...Yes the kids..it does get easier in as much as you dont feed them or change theim etc...but read morethe cooking ,washing ironing ,taxi service and their spotty friends messing the house up replaces the previous stuff.

    I have done 3 ,10ks improving my time with each one but I am stuck at 10 k...a half marathon would be amazing to achieve and then who knows a whole one. It means training at least 3 runs a week of over 90 mins probably.

    Theres only one way to do that get the old man to cook and a maid to do the cleaning.Ha ha

    Its great that you fit fitness in to your day with such young kids believe me you are a rarity ...most people stay home and collapse in front of east enders.

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  3. BO

    BobbyGirl Hi There,

    U are sooo right, just not enough hours in the day - my kids are 5, 3 and 2 so they are pretty demanding at the moment. Thought it was meant to get easier as they go older ..... tell me its true!!

    I think you have to just do what you can and be proud of yourself for getting out there at all - can`t give you any training advice as quite new to all this but thought I`d say hi. Would love to do a marathon myself but hey - thats a few years down the line (just before I take up knitting and bowls!) I think maybe a wee half this year if I could manage it.

    Anyway - good luck with the 10K - just done my first - had a great time!



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