Knickers slipping down when running

Does anyone else have this problem? It`s more annoying than anything - it`s not like they`re falling ALL the way down, but you can feel them in the wrong place and they`re irritating! Also it must give you a strange VPL from behind!

I have split my knicker drawer into two sections: running pants and normal pants, because some fall down and I know the ones that do, and the ones that don`t. It definitely helps to have tighter elastic!

AN Anonymous

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  1. LO

    Loulou-d Blimey!! me too i thought it was due to my weight loss it may well be to but glad its not just me read morekeep stopping to pull em up look like a two year old they dont go right down seem to stop at a point and ijust ignore it now got use to it.

    0 23 Nov 08
  2. HI

    hippychick And there`s me thinking I was the only one with this problem. I`ve devided my undi`s to. A friend read morewears men`s boxers every time, think I might give it a go.

    0 21 Nov 08
  3. SA

    SaraG I haven`t had a problem when running - yet, but do understand the issue. My usual sport is horse read moreriding and the wrong pair of knickers can have the opposite problem when in the saddle. Let`s put it this way - I`ve never been tempted to try riding in a thong after wearing the wrong pair!

    Personally, for sporting activities, nothing can beat a pair of unglamorous Sloggis.

    0 21 Nov 08
  4. Rah

    Rah Can`t say I`ve had that, but I have had a few annoying bra straps that keep slipping down!

    0 21 Nov 08