John's Training again

A trot along the lane from Nether Heyford to the Narrow Boat on the A5, saw my training start again tonight. 10 mins jog, 5 mins walk and 15 jog was the target, simply because those were the intervals in my phone!! Just failed to get to the one mile mark before the 10 minute alarm beeped.

Anyway it did not work out that way as I was not at my best on the way back and I didn't want to over do it. Even so, the jog back was quicker than the 10 and 5 combined for the outward leg.

Thanks for the kind words CC. I sent you a friend request, I think?

JohnRN JohnRN

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  1. JohnRN

    JohnRN After watching the local 10K on Sunday and taking some pics of my friends who were doing it, I have read moredecided to get over my bout of 'idleitis' and get out there again. My heart was willing but my HRM was not! Changed the battery and eventually it worked.Oh, it was hard work. Just one lap of my short loop in the park and I had had enough! Still, I know that it is not easy. I was torn between trying the new bugmiles app out on my phone and using the HRM, but when I got to my phone it was off and had a totally flat battery. Its getting old, like me. Hence the HRM thing.

    0 12 Feb 16
  2. JohnRN

    JohnRN Technology Clash! Today's confounding trick was the interference from my Samsung phone with my new read moreHRM. I had only begun my gentle jog down the street and I was exceeding my max limit on my newly set zone. "***! I'm going to die!" I thought, but soon remembered what a very fit friend of mine told me about the incompatibility of some devices. I turned my phone off and my heart miraculously recovered :D. So! Its either HRM or Strava for future reference.

    0 12 Oct 15
  3. JohnRN

    JohnRN Imported my info from Strava. Time to a another bimble around the woods with my new HRM set up with read morenew limits. Beep Beep here I come!

    0 12 Oct 15
  4. JohnRN

    JohnRN Ta Dah! I have been doing a bit, logging it on Strava, but not putting it on running bug. I do read moreintend to log a few more miles now that I have got a new heart rate monitor. Reduced to clear at Sainsbury's. I thought, "That's a sign!" Did my local route around Billinge Woods that comes out at 4.1 km on Strava. As I was messing with zones on my new HRM, I was stopping quite a bit. I walked when I was told I was over my chosen zone, but I will amend those limits for next time - far too lenient!

    0 11 Oct 15
  5. Adam

    Adam Welcome back John - a shining example of never giving up!

    0 1 Sep 14
  6. JohnRN

    JohnRN Hey ho, here I go again again. Thought about starting a new thread but its more fun keeping this one read moregoing, albeit 11 months since my last post.I am optimistic. I have had an operation on my nasal passages to remove polyps and I have my asthma under control. I have dabbled with an occasional outing over the last year, but nothing noteworthy. I have been out for a bimble around my local woods and I am encouraged. Its 26 days since the op on my nose and I have been cautious. Didn't fancy a catastrophic nose bleed mid jog. I am back at a basic level. The other good news is that I have lost weight through being a sympathetic dieter. My wife is attending Slimming World and so all my meals at home are strictly fat free. I am now 12stone 8 and I can get in to two pairs of trousers that I got in the 1990s! Sad that I still have them? Maybe. I will begin logging miles sometime soon.

    0 31 Aug 14
  7. JohnRN

    JohnRN Things are getting better, but not as good as they were in March, April and May 2011. Been reading read moremy old posts in this thread to see what went wrong back then.

    0 12 Sep 13
  8. JohnRN

    JohnRN Got to my base in Northants just after six so got my gear on and set off on an ambitious 7K route. read moreIt was so warm that I was slowed by stinging sweat in my eyes! Real bad. Found a tap by the canal and dowsed my face. Better for last couple of klicks.

    My nose was hell in the morning!! Took allsorts to try and stop it from running. Dried up about 2 in the afternoon!

    0 4 Sep 13
  9. JohnRN

    JohnRN Thanks for the support guys! :D

    I'm a bit wary of over doing the steroids Squif, but I have taken note of what you say.

    Whatever I did right on Tuesday I did not get right today, or maybe it was the four days of doing jack whilst earning my pay that made me sluggish. Either way it was good to get out again and blow some blues away in the wind.

    Must make an effort to do something each day, no matter how little that is.

    0 1 Sep 13
  10. SQ

    Squif Hey John I'm on symbicort and ventolin aswell, I found that taking a good few puffs of the symbicort read morereally helps about 10mins before I run. Great that ure running again I'll follow u on strava :)

    0 26 Aug 13
  11. bsmith90

    bsmith90 Sounds like good progress over all. Nice work :)

    0 26 Aug 13
  12. JohnRN

    JohnRN I have been trying. Honest!

    I found that the Seretide did not agree with me, plus when it was running out I got  in trouble with the 'breathing nurse' for using it without filling in my breathing chart!

    So I tried to survive on Ventolin. Didn't work.

    Got a realistic doctor to talk to and now I am on Symbicort. That agrees with me and works. I was getting fitter in June and then got a cold bug while I was on holiday!!! Grrrr.

    After that I have started with hayfever again! Not had it for 20 years to any great degree, but now my nose can run like a tap for no reason I know of!!

    Hence a cocktail of antihistamine, Ventolin and Symbicort with the odd paracetamol thrown in, gets me through and I am getting out to try to run.

    Doing my calf stretches religiously before each outing I am reducing the amount of walking bit by bit on my hilly 5K5 route through the woods.

    Today's effort registered 34.59 on Strava with a PB for the 5K.

    Will start using HRM and entering data on here again me thinks. :)

    0 26 Aug 13
  13. bsmith90

    bsmith90 9 months since you logged miles too! How is the running?

    0 26 Aug 13
  14. JohnRN

    JohnRN Quite a while since I posted!!!

    0 26 Aug 13
  15. Teri

    Teri Hi John

    Might be worth looking at learning to belly breath like people do for singing or yoga.  I teach people to sing and the breathing technique means I can breath my way out of mild ashtma when I run.

    0 7 Jan 13
  16. JohnRN

    JohnRN A lesson learned today. Ventolin does work and I do need to take my dose before I go out!

    After only working two bonkers days last week I have a lieu day today and was looking forward to getting another 5k in round the park, but soon after I set out I realised that I had forgotten my Ventolin. I should have gone back but thought, "I will test it." Wrong!! Sure enough at about an easy paced 3k my lungs were not giving me what it takes. I took the last 500m home at a even more leisurely pace..

    I may go out on the bike this afty.

    0 7 Jan 13
  17. JohnRN

    JohnRN The ground is too boggy for me!

    Been confined to the park that I am so lucky to have within 500 metres of the front door. The figure of 8 loop that I devised has been introducing some hill work as it includes the notorious 60 steps! Those have been done at a stride, so no attempt at running up them yet.

    Taking my dose of Ventolin prior to an outing is paying off and I have reduced my time over this circuit dramatically over the last three days.

    Also, remembering to take my Seretide is helping :D.

    0 30 Dec 12
  18. JohnRN

    JohnRN Today I have been out for my new 5K that is an extension of my beloved Billinge Wood loop. Took read moreDoctor Tim's advice and used the Ventolin prior to setting off. Made it all the way round without any more, but I set off a bit more enthusiastically and hence got tired quicker! The heavy going did have an effect too, it is very boggy in them woods and fields!

    Off work for the festive period so time to get some consistency in to my efforts.

    0 22 Dec 12
  19. JohnRN

    JohnRN Over a month since last posting and plenty to report. I went on a cruise with my wife and my read morefather-in-law to the Caribbean and it was brill! Lots of heat and good sea air. I managed to get out for a jog around the deck every morning and did 13 laps, equal to 5K according to their measurement of the deck circuit. After that I went in the gym and did 15 to 20 mins on a static bike machine. I was definitely the sweatiest individual in there!

    Prior to the holiday, and in preparation, I gave up the peak flow diary and used the Seretide for a week. Sometimes twice a day, as prescribed, but not every day because I forgot. The benefits are marked! I took the Seretide and Ventolin on holiday, but never used them.

    I have been for a very gentle trot around the park today. Wary of the cold air. Chest was tightening when I got back, but breathing was good whilst I was out. No Ventolin needed.

    0 9 Dec 12
  20. JohnRN

    JohnRN Work days got in the way last week after Tuesday, so I have had a good rest.

    Apart, that is, for the manic dancing, fuelled by excessive drinking of Guiness at our cycling club dinner dance on Saturday night. Didn't make time for a run on Saturday and did not feel up to it on Sunday.

    I am at home again today so a lovely run around the woods for me on this bright and frosty morning. Needed two stops to get inhaler out and also had some at 4 this morning. Peak flow was good before I went out, at 420.

    0 5 Nov 12