Getting the running bug?

I started doing a bit of running in summer of 2009, just 5k runs once a week through June-September but never stuck it out.Also in a typical week I'd go to the gym and do weights and also play rugby on Saturdays and attend rugby training twice a week.

Since then I had put on a stone and a half and got injuries which meant I've not been playing rugby or training.

Wanting to focus on getting fit and not being able to lift weights I'm pretty much limited to running and swimming (which isn't a bad thing!)

I just want to get the 'bug' as you call it.

Over the past few weeks I've dug my trainers out to join a gym and run in the warm and swim a bit. With the bonus of lovely sauna and jacuzzi.

Week1 I eased back into things with 2 x 3.5k runs on the treadmill (30 mins with inclines).Week2 stretched it to 4k run on treadmill in 30 minutes with inclines.This week I did a bit of road running (mad in this weather) and did 5k with some friends on Monday, agreed to go witha friend for the first time and did 9k. I'd never run that far before in my life! It felt great, got tired about half waythen gained some energy but legs and shoulder started aching 3/4 of the way through. Finished off quite well though at a good pace (for me).Took 50 minutes for the 9k.

I've recorded my weight loss over the past few weeks too, from 16st3 to 15st6. That should be an incentive too.(However I'm sure that's to do with my muscle mass decreasing too?)

What's a realistic time for me to do a 10k run in May? I'm currently 198kg/15 and a half stone.

Anyway I just wanted to see if anyone had any hints/tips for 'sticking at it' and getting the running bug whilst losing a stone and a half!!! The only problem with me is getting out there and doing it... plus I find the treadmill pretty boring.

Chhers all and I'll keep mooching round the site for more info


DA dale_ppp

0 12 1 Dec 10

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  1. DA

    dale_ppp Cheers again for the advice.

    Managed to clock up a few more miles over Christmas, lost a stone now and I have been gradually working my way up to 10k by doing regular 7k, 8k, 9k runs and finished my first 10km tonight (10.06km in 57 mins). Great feeling.

    Entered Manchester 10k and I'm even thinking of entering Blackpool Half Marathon at the end of February and just doing it (I'm roughly at week 3 of a schedule).

    Good luck to you guys and stick at it. I think I might be getting the bug!!


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  2. emmylou
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  3. emmylou

    emmylou My shoulders can get tight and sore when running too - i generally find that deliberately relaxing read moreyour arms so they go all floppy for a while gets rid of the tension. You do look a bit silly waving jelly arms around the place but it does the job!

    So too does blogging - my marathon training blog is proving an invaluable tool in keeping me motivated and tracking my progress. (http:/westlondongplodder.wordpress.com)

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  4. Runaway Nan

    Runaway Nan Your aching shoulder may be due to being a bit tense while running. Try to make sure your hands / read morearms / shoulders are loose and relaxed, shaking them out occasionally as you run if necessary.

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  5. DA

    dale_ppp Thanks, will look into starting a blog when I get chance.

    Couple of setbacks this evening, firstly I mapped out the run properly and realised it was only 8.1k not 9k as previously posted. Then my friend didn't show up so I had to make the choice between staying in and watching Coronation St or giving it a go myself. I'd always struggled with running myself and have only ever run 2 miles myself before.

    Thought what the hell and did the same run as Tuesday, 8.1k again. Timed it and it took 51 minutes, only a minute longer than last time and this time I was on my own.

    Delighted with myself, plus lost another 2lbs so felt like I deserved my corned beef hash and cabbage followed by a mince pie and lots of water!!!

    Took an Ipod out with me tonight as I had no company and I must say that it helped with the boredom thing, found myself learning the lyrics, guessing the artists, etc. Had quite good fun really.

    Acknowledged another runner for the first time. Other nice people on the way ie. people moving out of the way or cars letting me cross gave me a better view of people. Lovely fresh air apart from the odd traffic build up fumes and pedestrians/people outside pubs smoking cigarettes - just had to hold my breath.

    Noticed my shoulder started aching about half way round again, must be due to my AC joint not being fully healed after I tore it in April, hopefully it will build up strength again. Knee was aching for the first mile but the pain went away and I just took my mind off things and concentrated on the cheesy music blaring through my dad's ipod.

    Feel great!

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  6. Rich_S

    Rich_S thanks very much Boothy. Yeah I have been blogging for about a year or so now, love it.

    It's like an indespensible piece of kit now that I cannot do without.

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  7. Boothy

    Boothy Rich, I hadn't realised you have a Blog. You have a new follower! And what do you mean you are no read morewriter? Your superb accounts read like short stories.

    I agree, Blogger is very easy to set up and use - once you've opened a Google account - and there are lots of different templates to design and personalize your Blog page.  Every runner should have one!


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  8. Rich_S

    Rich_S I agree with bret. I have a blog here www.richardultra.blogspot.com. Blogger is very good and easy to use. I am no writer but it gives me a place to talk about my running experience without annoying my wife :-).

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  9. bretrunner

    bretrunner Re Blogs  - I just use the google  blogger site for mine. I have not had it set up for read morelong. Like you I have always recorded each run I do on a yearly spread sheet, but this is for my information to give me an idea on my year on year progression.

    I decided to set up a blog to literally use as a place to ramble on & rant, I generally post my blog on to face book, the feed back I have been getting is positive so I think it was worth it.

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  10. DA

    dale_ppp Cheers for the advice people. Some good stuff that should keep me going.

    "once you've run so many miles from your home/starting point, there is only one way to stop and that is by returning home/to the end point." ...

    ^ That's probably one of the reasons I prefer outdoors, as I get easily distracted/bored inside a gym. Luckily I've got a friend who runs all the time and I've pretty much made a deal with him that I'll run with him until I can run 10k and then improve the time. I was just hoping to finish it in less than an hour, that I'd be delighted with.

    Had a nice steady 4.2k run today (at a pace of 10k/hour), going to do the 9k again tomorrow so will see if I can push a little more distance out before a rest on Friday.

    I suppose I know I could run the 10k despite never having done it, but I seem to need a pacemaker/someone with me. I'll try and work towards keeping running on my own for that distance eventually, but for now the practice seems to be doing me good.

    Regarding the blog, is there a convenient place to do something like that without boring people to death/warbling on to myself? I'm keeping a log of my training and weight loss on a spreadsheet just so i can see a graph of my progress.

    Cheers for your help again and thanks for listening. :)

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  11. bretrunner

    bretrunner Hi Dale ppp

    Totaly agree with every thing running nan says!!

    Winter running is fantastic, The snowy icy weather slows you down so you can really focus on your base training and running stance.

    I would add though keeping a blog is a good incentive as its public so there has to be a very good reason not to run.

    Remember take the positives from every run even the rubbish runs. (believe me there will be some)

    Above all as RN says Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.

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  12. Runaway Nan

    Runaway Nan Welcome to the forum, Dale_PPP.

    Now, where to start!.....

    [quote]This week I did a bit of road running (mad in this weather)[/quote]

    This is a great time to be running and there is more chance of getting (and keeping) the bug if you can enjoy an outdoor run at this time of year.  I was out running 4 miles earlier.  Personally, I'd rather run now than in the Summer although, probably early Spring and late Autumn are the best times to run.

    [quote]I've recorded my weight loss over the past few weeks too, from 16st3 to 15st6.  That should be an incentive too.  (However I'm sure that's to do with my muscle mass decreasing too?)[/quote]

    That is a good weight loss, just make sure you are taking on enough calories for your running.  You state that muscle mass will be decreasing but I would expect your running to be increasing the muscle mass and therefore muscle weight for running.

    [quote]What's a realistic time for me to do a 10k run in May?[/quote]

    There isn't a simple answer.  Going on your 9k in 50 minutes, a 10k at the moment could be under 56 minutes.  However, come May you will probably be running more comfortably, who knows what weight you might be and, with some speed work, your current pace will have increased too.  Also, in a race environment there is a lot of cheering, people to aim to overtake and the competitive streak that can spur you on to a time and pace that running the distance in training might not have led you to believe possible.

    [quote]The only problem with me is getting out there and doing it... plus I find the treadmill pretty boring.[/quote]

    If you find the treadmill boring, it will not help you find the running bug by going on it!  It may well be cold / wet / windy / snowy / icy (delete as appropriate or if any can be deleted!) but outdoors always has more interesting views, more challenging moments and, once you've run so many miles from your home/starting point, there is only one way to stop and that is by returning home/to the end point.  Tell someone you are going out so that it is more difficult to sit at home (not losing face is always a good incentive), set specific days in your weekly diary as running days with a specific time and keep this prominent.  Some people like to keep a running diary and hate having a blank space for a missed run and find this their incentive.

    Keep running and enjoy it :)


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