Adidas 24 hour Thunder Run 2011

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  1. Shawy

    Shawy Just seen the TR24 Start list and I'm not on it !!!    Whats going on guys ???

    0 10 Jul 12
  2. Shawy

    Shawy Yeah it takes me so long to load up this website then trawl through the several TR24 forums, I end read moreup giving up some days!  Back to back runs are tough, but hopefully will give me the legs needed for the laps at TR24!  

    Hopefully my Triathlon training will begin after TR24, but not got one booked for this year so plenty of time before next May!

    Best of luck on your Ultra this week, just keep thinking of all them weird and wonderful accents to get your head around and you'll pass a couple of hours at least  :-)

    See you soon  eeeeeeekkkkk I'm so excited !!!

    0 6 Jul 12
  3. stevemon

    stevemon Hi Shawy et al

    It seems we may have cross wires - 2 TR threads. I intend to arrive Sat am. So many accents I may have to bring Google translator.

    ranizia - contact Fiona Bugler - see thread elsewhere

    Training - back to back runs (Sat eve/Sun am) sounds good idea. I haven`t prepared specifically been training for triathlon and first ultra (this sunday).

    I see 10k runs, some in light, some in dark, most tired but fuelled up and a good laugh in between - sleep deprivation.  

    0 6 Jul 12
  4. Shawy

    Shawy Hi... I will bring a Cheshire accent, lots of  food, drinks (Gatorade in gallons),camping read moreknickers & slippers (westie!!!!) and bags of nerves !!!

    Thanks Mutley for the tent x


    Is everyone getting there on the Friday night?

    0 5 Jul 12
  5. Mutley

    Mutley Hey Westie aren't you bringing me too lol??? otherwise I wont be bringing anything!!! but if I do read moreget a lift I'll bring a tent (and a tent for Shawy), my trail shoes lots of food and drinks, lots of sun cream and a Nottingham-ish accent :) How many are going?

    0 5 Jul 12
  6. ranizia

    ranizia Well how can i join plodding team ? Please advise.

    0 5 Jul 12
  7. stevemon

    stevemon tents, beer, coke, cake, loo rolls and THREE different accents I detect a communication problem ? I will bring an interpreter.

    0 30 Jun 12
  8. nickrunner

    nickrunner I will bring a tent (which I realised was leaking this weekend) and a South African accent. read moreDepending on whether we come by train or car, I will also bring a BBQ and some charcoal. Irrespective of whether we come by train or car, I will bring beer.

    0 26 Jun 12
  9. Westie

    Westie I will bring a knackered ankle (ligaments and muscle instability!), far to many asparatame drinks read more(coke zero), a 'sun' lounger that collapses unexpectedly in the night, an excess of loo rolls and a Cardiff accent....

    0 25 Jun 12
  10. stevemon

    stevemon prompted by Dan and his departure - welcome to Fiona.

    Looking at this thread there was lots of discussion prior to last years TR24.

    So here is my attempt to start new thread/continue from last year.

    I am really looking forward to meeting the team(s) members, camping, taking part in a 24 hr running event. I will bring a large tent, some cake (flapjack optional), possibly some family members, running bug t-shirt (unused), water?, cooker, veggy ingredients, a sense of humour, oh and a geordie accent. What will you bring ?    

    0 25 Jun 12
  11. pantalonas

    pantalonas Well, I'm slightly more tanned than I was, and yes, the infinity pool with jacuzzi was lovely, and read moreyes the local moonshine went down a treat and it's also true that I enjoyed spending time with wifeys brothers/wives and children...after seeing the photos though......


    0 15 Aug 11
  12. Daft B

    Daft B Team DaftAdam

    Duration: 24 hours

    Laps: 0.63

    Distance travelled:73 miles

    Weight carried: more than the army geezer with the bergin.

    Number of pieces of Liewal's famous mushroom flapjack consumed: wibble wibble fish goblin!

    Number of RTS refuelling crewpoints missed: zero

    Oh gone on then!

    0 12 Aug 11
  13. liewal

    liewal Lol, well RTS I have you know I only picked a handful but maybe I should have paid better attention read moreas a kid :-) ... they were jolly nice though!

    0 12 Aug 11
  14. respectthestupidity

    respectthestupidity I like the sound of that. It would help prevent solo runners boredom - wondering where the beer read morechair would be next, and who would be riding it. Although it wouldn't take you long to find the highest point. Stand on tip toes and you can reach it.

    Liewal, a monster of a hill in Norfolk????? Far too many years of 'shrooms I'd say.

    0 12 Aug 11
  15. Adam

    Adam Do both! Two of our crew did the same and they're just as sane now as when they started.

    You know, we could always enter TR24 2012 as a pair. Both set off with a chair, find the highest point and set up camp. Hand out Vitamin H to RTS every time he passes.

    0 12 Aug 11
  16. Daft B

    Daft B [quote user="Adam"]

    Hey - I never said I'd actually do it (and I've got a lot of time to think about it).

    Daft B, I'm just going to drop this here for you. The weekend after TR24, same location.



    I'm now be musing about doing both. A 24 event 2 weekends in a row - I can't see anything going wrong there?

    Sleepless in the saddle 2012 - It didn't take long to find a quorum of bikers. Unsurprisingly it includes RTS but also Sam and finally Lee - currently recooperating from a broken collarbone, acquired on a mountain bike. He's not been part of a Stupidity event before but you'll gather he's of the right mental state.... 

    Thunder Run 2012 - On the assumption there's the hint of a chance that the Bug may possibly be putting teams forward I'll be throwing my cap into the ring for one of those. Obviously I'll be in tow of The Beer Chair.


    0 12 Aug 11
  17. liewal

    liewal You bet!

    Oh and I didn't just find any hill... I found an absolute monster of one, I felt like crawling up the darn thing! Oddly enough, it was more like a big dip in the landscape, very strange & in a dark forest...lol... maybe I should have avoided those 'shrooms!!!

    Should you guys ever venture a bit further south / central, I might just join you.

    0 12 Aug 11
  18. CheekyOtter

    CheekyOtter Will take you guys up on that.

    I need to get back out running locally so could no doubt combine the two.

    Beer is always fine as long as it is 'medicinal'

    0 12 Aug 11
  19. CheekyOtter

    CheekyOtter Hey,

    Where did you go in Norfolk? If you found some hills you did extremely well.

    I would imagine you were cursing my name with every stride on the ascents!

    0 12 Aug 11
  20. SU

    suzie2902 yay! that is good going - I think I would have ran 1 good and 1 bad then none at all!! 5 laps is super hero!

    0 8 Aug 11