Hi - big challenge this year!

Hi all,

I'm after a bit of shameless plugging and also some advice here. I've done about 8 marathons in the past, so this is a bit of a push. 2011 sees me attempting to undertake 52 marathons in the year - in aid of the obligatory charity and, frankly, my own ego! I want to see how far I can push myself. I completed the first marathon of the year yesterday and slugged around in 3 hours 55 minutes.

I completed my first 26.2 miles yesterday - legs are burning today. I hope it gets easier!

The idea is that *every* marathon will be completed in under 4 hours. If it is not, it will not count and will have to be re-done. As I'm not rich and cannot afford the travel, accommodation and many race entries, it will be with a difference. Many of the runs will be on treadmill (a great mental challenge for me, I think). The rest will be organised events, but perhaps multiple laps of 10k races, or two time round a half marathon course etc. However, if any of you organise runs, know of good runs or can recommend anything that might be of interest, give me a shout!To keep things interesting, drum up support and hopefully get some recognition of the great charities, I want to add a few twists that include a marathon on my stag do in Las Vegas, one on the morning of my wedding and one whilst on honeymoon (the mrs doesn't know yet!). Any suggestions for other interesting ways to undertake a marthon would be more than welcome! kev@52marathons.co.ukAnyway, if anyone has any tips (I'm looking at issues with recovery here!), would like to pass on any support or would like any information on it, then please give me a shout. The website is: www.52marathons.co.uk If you would like to invite me to an event you are putting on, that would also be mroe than welcome - would you like to have the '52 Marathon Man' at your event?!?!You can also 'like' me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/52-Marathon-...65344606843523Thanks all . I look forward to hearing your thoughts!Kev CheersKevYou can also follow me here:www.twitter.com/52marathonman

MA 52marathonman

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  1. Matt99

    Matt99 Or just the poor man's massage: lie on the floor with your legs in the air, resting against a wall read more(basically making an 'L' shape).


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  2. Runaway Nan

    Runaway Nan An ice bath after running is a favourite on here too.

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  3. MA

    52marathonman Hi both. Thanks for posting. Bunsy, it will be hard to recover. My first run was 1st January and my read morelegs are still aching. I reckon you are right - rest today and then get out and do something (slowly!) tomorrow.

    Nickrunner, that's not a bad idea. It can get a group of supporters together to help out. Nowm where is al that money I haven't got to pay for entry... ;-)

    Thanks a lot


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  4. nickrunner

    nickrunner Good luck with your very admirable effort, Kevin!

    There's been talk elsewhere on The Bug recently about the 24-hour Thunder Run on 30/31 July. www.tr24.co.uk/about.html This may be an interesting way of getting a marathon done as part of a relay team.

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  5. Bunsy

    Bunsy Blimey Kev that's a huge ask, good luck with it. I ran 7 marathons and numerous other races last read moreyear, but none of the marathons had less than 3 weeks apart, which was about right from recovery perspective. I would probably look at resting after a marathon for at least a couple of days, and then a couple of light jogs (5k?) maybe wednesday and friday before the next sunday marathon again. I would also look at what you eat. Protein and carbs needs to be replaced very quickly after a marathon. I would probably also look at something like Peronin (a protein and carb drink) during the races as well to try and reduce the stress in your body.

    Good luck with it. Hope it goes to plan!

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