Running apps for phone

Hi all,

I don't want to fork out loads of money for a garmin...Does anyone know of any good free phone apps that track distance? I have a sony satio which has gps enabled.


LU lucylu1987

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  1. sharalou

    sharalou Runkeeper, Nike+ GPS (small charge - about £1.49) or MapMyRun, maybe?  I used the Nike one which suits my needs.

    0 22 Jun 12
  2. RE

    Red Cat Do the coaching stuff quite regularly but it's never shouted at me, yet - other than to tell me the read morepace I'm currently doing each minute.  I can live with that but it would be nicer if I could just have it so it would only interrupt me when I'm going below my desired pace.  Maybe a Runkeeper Pro/Elite thing which I haven't got.

    0 22 Jun 12
  3. DA

    Danny91 You can also set a target pace for the whole run i think.

    0 18 Jun 12
  4. DA

    Danny91 Hey red cat, i am new to running still on week 1 run 1! But i am quite tech savy so i generally get read moreused to applications and phones quick quickly. Was just looking at run keeper and if i have read you correctly it can do what you want it to do.

    When you open it up when you are selecting your activity ext click on coaching and add a new one. You can include your warm up and down 5 mins and then set your own intervals. Slow Steady and fast for a set ammount of time or distance. Run keeper will then shout at you i think using gps tracking to see if you are going the correct speed. (I may be wrong but thats what i understand from looking through the settings here.)

    0 18 Jun 12
  5. RE

    Red Cat Danny - thanks for that.  Found, as you said, the elevation and mile splits data.  Just read morelooking for an application where I can set the pace I want to go at (though not for whole run, just for parts of it) and the application will beep at me if I fall lower than that pace.  Runkeeper does what I want in all other respects but for tempo runs, I can see how useful it would be to have a beeping function.

    0 18 Jun 12
  6. DA

    Danny91 Hey i went for my first run with runkeeper yesterday. When i check on the runkeeper website it plots read moreelevation against distance and pace. Dont know if thats what your looking for Red Cat?

    0 18 Jun 12
  7. RE

    Red Cat I use Runkeeper which is free and tracks distance, time, overall avg pace and/or m/kph but I really read morelike it because you can create your own workouts and it will tell you when each interval has ended and the workout overall has ended. The workouts can mix time and pace so you could have a '1km fast' interval followed by a '5 mins slow' interval.  A great app for beginners and once the activity has started, it won't lose GPS unless you pause it en-route.  Where it's limited is that I can't set a pace I want to go at (eg 8 minute mile for say 10 mins of a 30 min workout) and have it beep at me when I fall under that pace.  If anyone knows of an android application that will do this (eg Endomondo?), I would probably switch to that.  Also can't get altitude on Runkeeper (though might with the i-phone version of the app).  

    0 18 Jun 12
  8. LU

    lucylu1987 Thanks Sophia, I had endomondo, but stopped working and havent been able to get it working since, read morenow found one called smartrunner, going to try it out when its not as windy :-) treadmill until then!

    0 7 Feb 11
  9. IA

    ianb I'm very new to running but use one called cardiotrainer. If you have a gps receiver it maps as you read morego, you set reminders, it then tells you how far you've gone & in what time. it was free.  As a beginner runner I find it useful as you can add a playlist of music to run to.  You set a diary & it then naggs you if you miss a run, which I find good.  It also saves all your runs away.

    e.g. it will say 04/02 3.4 miles 40 mins 450 calaries burned.

    It may be a gimmick for you serious runners although I find it useful.

    0 6 Feb 11
  10. dwncindy

    dwncindy Ive got runtastic, its a free app with blackberry not sure if it is available to sony but its worth checking it out x

    0 23 Jan 11
  11. Ade_Dennis

    Ade_Dennis I have Adidas MiCoach on my Blackberry which seems to work well.  

    0 23 Jan 11
  12. Shea

    Shea A friend uses Endomondo with her Nokia, seems to work well for her

    0 22 Jan 11
  13. Dan

    Dan Adidas MiCoach does all of that you need,  i know works with the Iphone, not sure about a Sony

    0 11 Jan 11
  14. gymrunner

    gymrunner I have found one called "Runmeter"  not free though ...not put into practice yet as just got it ...but looks good .

    0 11 Jan 11