Brooks Green Silence

Well, as some of you may know, I have been getting into forefoot running and focusing on the POSE technique, so I have been looking for some new trainers to help me adapt and progress. After weeks of searching I finally came to a decision and they arrived today, a pair of bright yellow and red Brooks Green Silence.

Brooks Green Silence

Not been running in them yet (it's wet outside :o] heh) but I hve tried them and I have to say, the first thing you notice besides the colour is the weight, they are so incredibley light and very comfortable. I'll write a further review later, once I have road tested them, but first impressions are brilliant.

More to follow...

CR CraigC

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  1. slabhappy

    slabhappy Just been out in the Minimus for a steady 5 miler. There was a bit of frost about and they did not read morefill me with confidence grip wise. Other than that, if you can put up with next to no cushioning, they feel very quick.

    I am now starting to think about a new shoe for the marathon in April and the Ultra in July. The green silence look great but will they be sufficient for the greater distance? Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Any comments or suggestions?

    0 13 Jan 12
  2. Westie

    Westie Yeah you're right Slab, the Minimus feel brilliant!

    0 12 Jan 12
  3. slabhappy

    slabhappy Yeah, I've got a pair of Minimus and like the feel but agree with the grip thing. I also worry about read morethe durability as there is no carbon rubber on the sole and blown rubber generally wears quickly. I tend to use them for circuit class and short, fast races like Park Run. They are quick though.

    0 12 Jan 12
  4. Westie

    Westie They're certainly beautiful. I'm running in the New Balance Minimus but they are a bit slippy on wet read moreasphalt which is a bit of a disappointment.

    0 12 Jan 12
  5. ME

    merlie01 Are these good for all distances and terrains ?

    0 12 Jan 12
  6. michiel

    michiel I have the red and yellow, but not for running. I got them mainly for the color red/yellow. People read morelook at them. And my girlfriend rejects being with me when I wear them. Very funny.

    After reading this I think I will get another pair for running. They are very light, which I like. Yeah, I can do with another pair of running shoes.

    0 26 Feb 11
  7. CR

    CraigC They could do with bringing out some other colour variation though, surely it would make sense to read moreuse a site like this to vote on colour combinations. It wouldn't be that difficult to build a flash app to let people choose their own, then submit the requests to Brooks directly.

    That's what I would do if I worked for Marketing @ Brooks...

    0 24 Feb 11
  8. johnnyg

    johnnyg I like the yellows better too - truth

    0 24 Feb 11
  9. CR

    CraigC heh [cough] Yeah, them as well... :o] But mine are better!

    Mine make girls smile at me... Hold on to that thought, don't tell me, I know it's because of how cool I look - don't spoil the dream.

    0 24 Feb 11
  10. johnnyg

    johnnyg Brooks love this report but asked me to point out the red/yellow combo has recently been updated with a green design thus:http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Images/Models/Full/62583.jpg" alt="">

    0 24 Feb 11
  11. CR

    CraigC God I thank Brooks for these trainers, every time I put these on, my feet thank. They are the perfect racing flat training shoe. They are just so super comfy, I even ran in these today without my Thurlo's and they were just brilliant.

    I love you shoes...


    http://www.therunningbug.co.uk/resized-image.ashx/__size/550x0/__key/CommunityServer-Discussions-Components-Files/6003/1200.brooks_2D00_green_2D00_slience.jpg" alt="">

    0 24 Feb 11
  12. CR

    CraigC Okay time to finish this review.

    I went running on Sunday in these little beauties, slightly conscious at first, given the colour of them and whether I'd get any awkward stares from passer by's and fellow runners, who I pass often.

    The first thing I noticed with these trainers is that I couldn't stop looking at them, not through admiration, because I was making sure that I had actually put them on! I have never worn racing flat trainers before and it took me ages to get used to just how light they are. When the parcel was delivered I thought the box was empty, when I pick them up I have to second glance them to makes sure there in my hands and when they are on your feet you can not feel them at all.

    I have fairly wide feet so it's an important selling point to me that the toe area is wide and comfortable. These just didn't let me down, loads of room up front, lovely and sponge'y and extremely comfortable.

    The laces are a bit weird, they actually curve around the top of the foot which means the shoes don't need a tongue and due to this the trainer just hugs your feet. The whole trainer is made up of only 2 parts, to reduce manpower when making them and to improve the use of materials to manage costs. They truelly are the "green" trainer and the point made by JohnnyG above being exactly right, they are made out of recycled materials.

    I bought these shoes to help me with my forefoot running, the reduced heel allows my forefoot striking to be accurate and comfortable but with the added factor that I can feel the road more under foot. I ran in my Thurlo socks as well so comfort was about as good as it was ever going to get. The socks make you feel like you're running in slippers and these trainers feel like your slippers, so a win win situation for me.

    If you're looking for a pair of trainers under £40 I would highly recommend these, I was lucky enough to get mine on eBay for £20, so happy days. But don't let the colours put you off, go for the yellow and red one's and run your socks off.


    0 21 Feb 11
  13. johnnyg

    johnnyg These are indeed a fine pair of shoes - I use mine for treadmill work mainly.  Did you know read morethey are made of recycled plastic cups and PET bottles?

    0 19 Feb 11