Garmin 110

I've got a Garmin 110 and I love it. It's pretty easy to use - although I did get a bit confused a couple of times when I first got it. If you upload the runs to the Garmin website the GPS is fantastic - the maps are really detailed - and you can see all your lap times. I am really glad I bought it. I also bought the heart rate monitor so that I can see how many calories i've burned and I'm pleased with that too - I previously had a Polar F11 and it wan't brilliant - sometimes I'd look and it had lost the connection with the heart rate monitor and so i'd have an inaccurate total but so far the Garmin has been excellent.

alicecamel alicecamel

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  1. Jay_xx

    Jay_xx I'm having a few problems with my garmin 110, can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong?

    I find that sometimes when I plug it in it won't connect properly and it doesn't charge. I've got the hang of double checking now so it's not the end of the world, however this week it won't connect to the PC. I've plugged it in and it's charging off the PC so I'm sure the pins are connecting on the back, but the PC just can't find it.

    Any clues?


    0 2 Apr 12
  2. JE

    Jenny_Wren Hi Lulu, you can pause it by pressing the start/stop button once and then just press it again when read moreyou start running again. Hope this helps :)

    0 24 Feb 12
  3. Bo Novak

    Bo Novak Ha! It took me ages to realise that there is this feature (like you, it was when I was doing group read moreruns when there was the odd stop).  Just press START/STOP on the top right hand side button to freeze the time, and then press it again to restart. You won't lose what you've already logged (unless you press RESET, the button below).

    0 23 Feb 12
  4. runninged

    runninged Without my Garmin I'd never have known I ran an extra half a mile on Sunday : )


    0 21 Feb 12
  5. LU

    lulu belle hi, I recently got a Garmin 110, love it! One question I have is can I pause it when I stop for a read morerest? Some people at my club have the fancier kind that seem to know when you stop for a breather.

    The 110 does calculate average pace and average moving pace, but I would like to know if I could pause it when we stop, so my statistics are a bit more accurate. I don'[t tend to stop when I'm out running on my own so it's less of an issue then.


    0 18 Feb 12
  6. catterickclaire

    catterickclaire I got the 110 for Christmas, never had a Garmin before, have been using the Nike Sportsband thingy. read moreI really love the Garmin, was unsure about getting one at first but so glad I did.

    Thanks guys for the posts on how to see your totals, I didn't know you could do that.

    I got the HRM with mine, have yet to use it, but going to give it a try soon.

    0 15 Jan 12
  7. stephen07

    stephen07 Thanks found it, I'm sure I clicked on reports, but hey thanks again.

    0 1 Jan 12
  8. stephen07

    stephen07 Thanks , set myself the 500 challenge now in my first full year running, I'm sure that will read morechallenge me. I'll try what u put up , thanks.

    0 31 Dec 11
  9. Adam

    Adam Got it, try:

    myConnect -> Reports tab

    http://therunningbug.co.uk/resized-image.ashx/__size/550x0/__key/CommunityServer-Discussions-Components-Files/6003/8371.reports.png" alt="">


    0 31 Dec 11
  10. Adam

    Adam oh I think I understand now, you're using the online Garmin Connect. I'll have a look at that later, I'm sure it can be done.

    0 31 Dec 11
  11. stephen07

    stephen07 My page looks nothing like yours, anyway set myself a goal of 500 miles and called it new shoes.I read moreread some were that you should get new 1s about then.

    0 31 Dec 11
  12. Adam

    Adam Hope this helps...

    http://therunningbug.co.uk/resized-image.ashx/__size/550x0/__key/CommunityServer-Discussions-Components-Files/6003/8831.training_5F00_centre_5F00_totals.png" alt="">

    0 31 Dec 11
  13. stephen07

    stephen07 Still can't find it , I click on activities tab and the 3 runs I've done come up and still can't read morefind the totals box any were . I'm sure it's just me , have set myself some goals on it now tho , so slowly starting to get to grips with it.

    0 31 Dec 11
  14. stephen07

    stephen07 Only got it this Christmas and used it for 3 runs so I'll check next time I have my pc on. Thanks.

    0 31 Dec 11
  15. Adam

    Adam Stephen, assuming you're talking about the Garmin Training Centre then yes, you can get the miles/year stats.

    If you've only had the watch this year and have only been using it for running, it's easy. On the left hand side select the folder "My Activities" and look at the top row in the table under "Totals".

    If you have been recording other sports or have had it for more than a year it should still be possible but you'll have to organise your activities into folders manually (In the tree on the left, right click -> New Folder and go from there)

    Hope that makes sense.

    Alternatively invest in a copy of SportTracks and you can satisfy pretty much any type of statistical query you can think of.

    0 31 Dec 11
  16. stephen07

    stephen07 I have a 110 as well, love the software on my pc but can't seem to find a total distance on it . read moreBreaks every run up but I'd like to know how many miles i put on it in a year. If any 1 can help I'd much appreciate it.

    0 31 Dec 11
  17. runningmum

    runningmum I was bought the garmin 405 for christmas and to be honest the jury is still out on it.  first read moretime i used it i felt like a 2 year old after the tantrum i threw as it "wouldnt work properly".  I have only used it once since and again it really frustrated me so it might be going back to Santa and will try another type lol


    0 31 Dec 11
  18. slabhappy

    slabhappy Yeah, Garmins are great. I use the hand-held GPS's for hillwalking and my Sat-Nav is also Garmin. read moreBut. When I was looking for a sports-watch I opted for Nike GPS. I'm not sure but I think I prefer it.

    0 31 Dec 11