The Dukeries Ultra

Saw this on another forum, had a read and thought....mmm, why not?


So this will be my first official Ultra ever. Am using it as a training run and equipment check for Run The Wall as it's 4 weeks before, so perfect timing. Looks like it should be a good event, sounds like it will be well organised, including drop bags halfway round etc. I'm only doing the 30 mile version as it's only a training run, but here's hoping it takes off as the route looks wonderful - helped by having booked a pitch at the Caravan Club site in Clumber Park, so wifey and dog can come and cheer as I pass through.


Anyone else fancy a nice run around the woods?

NaturalBritain NaturalBritain

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  1. RogLS128

    RogLS128 It's been a while since I've been here, but just wanted to give you all an update.

    There has been an alteration to the route through Clumber Park.  This has improved the route by taking runners away from a possibly busy road, onto more trails and through the woods.

    If you want to have a look at the maps, follow these links for 30 mile route and 40 mile route

    Any questions please drop us a line at info@dukeriesevents.co.uk


    0 22 Apr 12
  2. RogLS128

    RogLS128 Hope everyones training is going well.

    Just a quick update. We now have 40 solo runners and 3 teams entered.

    We ran the Belvoir Challenge over the weekend and I'm putting my finish time down to talking to answering questions about the ultra whilst running.... Nothing to do with my poor preparation or lazy training.... ;o)

    0 27 Feb 12
  3. RogLS128

    RogLS128 I was there on the night at ShAFF when their weekend of running was announced. I've tried to retweet read moreand share on Facebook as much as I can about it. Sounds like an ambitious plan and very well supported by some big name sponsors.

    Stuart and Debs have been a great help to us handing out flyers in the shop and putting them in the goody bag on the Expert night talk (which was a great night btw. Well worth getting over to Sheffield for)

    0 20 Feb 12
  4. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain Also, have you seen what Accelerate have just announced? Big weekend of running August Bank Holiday read moreincluding Peak District Ultra - 55m ish! I've already signed up for High Peak 40, but might have to add this one as well...

    0 14 Feb 12
  5. RogLS128

    RogLS128 Hi guys

    Just wanted to give you a quick update on the numbers.

    We have had our first ladies enter the 40 mile race today. So there are now 32 entries in total.

    8 in the 30 mile and 24 in the 40 mile

    I've had a look at the Ladybower race and it looks really good, but with the Lakeland 50 and High Peak 40 lined up already it might be a bit much.

    0 14 Feb 12
  6. daytrekker

    daytrekker This will be my first ultra as well,as its on my door step.Have run all but the first six miles over the last two Sundays,still unsure whether to do 30 or 40,Its a good rolling route and you will enjoy which every distance you do.have also enterd the Ladybower 50 at the end of September. Feed the warrior – endurance events if enyone else is intrested in this one

    0 13 Feb 12
  7. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain Now that's freaky...

    I'm sitting here reading ultra running websites, listening to Episode 1 of TalkUltra!

    0 6 Feb 12
  8. RogLS128

    RogLS128 It is a bit of a distance isn't it! We could try and save you some cake, but I can't guarantee it ;o)

    Just out of interest we have had our 25th entry today. Ian Corless, who is planning to do a live broadcast for the new talkultra podcast.

    0 6 Feb 12
  9. UltraDad!

    UltraDad! Great idea, and I'm always up for a spot of cake - shame I don't think I can justify 1000 mile round read moretrip for it! It'll all have to be a nice surprise for me when I get there in May.

    Looking forward to it, sounds like it's going to be a cracking day.

    0 6 Feb 12
  10. RogLS128

    RogLS128 For anyone who is still deciding whether to do the 30 or 40 mile run, we will be leading a free read morerecce of stage 3 on Saturday 24 March.

    There will be cake and hot drinks at the end.

    Please send an email to info @ dukeriesevents.co.uk if you want to come along so we know how much cake to buy.

    0 5 Feb 12
  11. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain Hence why wives always happily let us go running - because they know we're too knackered to do 'owt else LOL

    Having said that, a fine bottom to follow does help a 10k or half marathon go by ;-)

    0 4 Feb 12
  12. UltraDad!

    UltraDad! Occasionally she does giggle at my sillyness. In truth she knows that I only have eyes for her, and read moreafter looking after the boys I don't have the energy or inclination for anything else ;-)

    0 4 Feb 12
  13. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain I'm presuming Mrs UD doesn't read this forum?! ;-)

    I've changed to the 40, my next event isn't until July, so should be plenty of time to recover.

    And i'd noticed the female contingent as well....but we're together for the first 20 miles anyway ;-) !!!

    0 3 Feb 12
  14. UltraDad!

    UltraDad! Well I'm sticking to the 30 as I'm planning a 40 miler soon after and I'll have not long done a marathon.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I've just noticed all the other runners in the 30 mile event are all female, honest ;-)

    0 2 Feb 12
  15. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain Thanks for that RTS - you talked me round LOL

    Right, where was the organisers email address?

    0 2 Feb 12
  16. respectthestupidity

    respectthestupidity I think you can NB. Just tab it out like we did on Saturday and you'll be fine. Make sure you get read moreplenty more miles (like Saturday's) in your legs before then, though.

    Go for it.

    0 1 Feb 12
  17. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain Now I'm wondering if I ought to do the 40 - more entries for that LOL. Thing is, as it's going to be read moremy first ultra I don't know if I can get round in the time limit!

    0 1 Feb 12
  18. RogLS128

    RogLS128 Hi this is Roger from Dukeries Ultra

    Just wanted to say thanks for the support we have got from here. It is great the way our race is popping up all over the internet in places we either hadn't heard of or thought about.

    Just wanted to let you all know that there is now a link to the entry list on our webiste or you can go direct here

    0 30 Jan 12
  19. NaturalBritain

    NaturalBritain Brilliant news - another 'Bug get together!

    0 30 Jan 12
  20. UltraDad!

    UltraDad! Well folks (and NB in particular) signed on the virtual dotted line today. The organisers Roger and read moreMaria seem nice and helpful and are quick to respond to enquiries.

    I now face the pilgrimage down to the East Midlands where I was brought up. The things I get myself into! And apparently it's going to get worse...

    0 28 Jan 12