Flu ...3 steps forward 2 steps back

My marathon training was going splendidly then i started to feel achy and hot and low and behold the weekend it snowed in London  i developed full blown flu when even your hair and nails hurt.I was better after about 5 days but it was still bitter cold and i set off to do a run but I got a mile up the road and I just could not go on .I started shivering and felt so exhausted I went home and slept most of the day.

Now 10 days later I am still struggling,going to work is finishing me off I am so fatigued running just drains me if I get out of the door.I have a cole sore the size of a cauliflower on my lips and I look like C**P.....there are 10 weeks to  go and i could cry!!!!!!! i got to 13 miles before all this , but that now looks like a complete waste of time. How am I going to make the milege back up.And to top it all still have sniffles and a head cold.I am a nurse so I mix with germs all day which dont help.

Somebody please give me hope that I can get back to it in time !!!

sagey sagey

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  1. runninged

    runninged I noticed on facebook Liz Yelling's down with a cold and this is what she posted: "Oh Dear, I have read morethe Flu. Thought I could feel a cold coming on the morning of Wokingham half. Rest and Sofa time."

    0 21 Feb 12
  2. sagey

    sagey Hi slab...it was 9 weeks yesterday til VLM.I have just got back from a 5 mile run and it felt ok for read morethe first time in ages.My chest was good and I felt stronger in myself.I think I may attempt 8 miles Wednesday and depending on how that goes 10 at the week end.Finger crossed.

    0 20 Feb 12
  3. slabhappy

    slabhappy I'm in a similar position. Started to feel bad with a head cold a couple of weeks ago. Carried on read moretraining for about a week but last week felt terrible. I've just come back to training yesterday with a 14 mile run. Did not feel great and my legs were very heavy. Managed a 35 mile bike run today and will see how I feel tomorrow re training this week. I've got about 8 weeks till the race and hope to catch up with my schedule. I don't think I've lost too much but will see come race day.

    Good luck with your training. How long till your race?


    0 19 Feb 12
  4. sagey

    sagey hi everyone ,went out thursday and only did a 5k it was ok but I could feel my chest was still a read morelittle congested and have sinusitis as  as a hangover from my cold ..I will keep going out and push it .Went out and bought new trainers from Asic shop in Carnaby street and that was motivating and all the chaps in the store were so supportive that I feel I can do this again.

    Thank for all your wise words they truly help!!!!!!

    0 19 Feb 12
  5. stevemon

    stevemon I have had similar scenario recently. The thing to remember is it is a marathon not a sprint. So read morejust because you have missed some training doesn`t mean you cannot finish the run. The main object is to finish (in a reasonable state). This can be achieved on a small amount of training so long as you start slow and keep going without `racing`. Time to recover, from training or illness, is as important as training especially if you have other resposbilites as well. Don`t panic take time to feel better then start training but as if starting again (but you have some training in the bank). It will get easier and you will feel better and wonder why you `panicked`. GOOD LUCK !!!

    0 19 Feb 12
  6. Martin_M62

    Martin_M62 No, not stupid really.  Confidence comes with good training, so when you miss a lot of training read moredue to illness it's natural that there will be a certain loss of confidence - that'll be regained after a few good runs and you feel your strength returning.

    0 15 Feb 12
  7. sagey

    sagey THANKS GUYS...Bit snotty today(sorry TOO MUCH INFO)I will give it a go tonight.Does it sound stupid read moreto say I have also lost my nerve a bit,like falling off a horse I must get back on.!!!!!

    0 15 Feb 12
  8. Martin_M62

    Martin_M62 When you say 'not very ambitious,' remember you're talking of running 26 miles, which is quite ambitious in the first place!

    Good luck with your 5k tomorrow.  Don't overdo things while you are still sick - better to recover as quickly as possible.  Then when you get back to training you'll find you pick it up after a few runs.  You'll feel weak and pathetic now due to the germs, not because you've lost all that fitness.  However, I know the 'take it easy' advice is easier to give than to follow!

    0 14 Feb 12
  9. sagey

    sagey Hi RN ..its 12 days today since i got the lurgy 2nd Feb was my last proper  run  ... and i read morehave done 1 pathetic 2 miler and a gym session with some weights.

    I am going to attempt a fast 5k tomorrow as I am working late today.It is so disheartening although I was aiming just to finish within 4 hrs 45 not very ambitious I know.

    0 14 Feb 12
  10. Runaway Nan

    Runaway Nan Hi Sagey, sorry to hear you are still not well. Is it 10 days in total or another 10 days after the first 5 days?

    The fitness you gained beforehand will not all go and even a three week break will probably be ok with another 9 weeks to go.  Just don't try to rush straight back at where you left off. Give yourself a chance to build up and perhaps revisit your planned time for the marathon.

    Good luck :)

    0 14 Feb 12