Activity watch with current pace

I've started running again after 6 months off. I'm doing 0 to 10k app and use Strava. I need a way of monitoring my pace at a glance. I don't want to spend more then £100 really but need to slow my pace when running as I'm tiring quickly. Any thoughts on the best activity watches?

Neil Neil

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  1. LE

    Le Chef AKA Dan I bought a Garmin forerunner 610 from our local exchange shop £40

    It's good. Not too complicated bet tells time, pace, distance ran and stopwatch. You can also upload data to get graphs and PBS etc.

    0 20 Mar 17
  2. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice I've a Garmin forerunner 10 it tells you your pace every mile it's just basic watch

    0 20 Mar 17