Any advice on foot massager for plantar fasciitis?

Hey guys!

Great discussion going here and some solid advice! I’ve set myself a budget of $150 for my first massaager and am still not sure which one to get. I’ve been reading some reviews on this site 5 best foot massagers for plantar fasciitisand am considering the uComfy shiatsu or MMF06.

Does anyone here actually own either of these? What are your experiences?

EL Elisa1309

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  1. LucyLo92

    LucyLo92 I would recommend the Beurer FM 60 Premium Shiatsu Foot Massager, i'm not sure if it will help with read moreplantar fasciitis but it really relaxes your feet and gives them a good massage ( i got it to help improve circulation ).

    I think it cost around £80 but its definitely worth it.

    0 21 Apr 17
  2. Spinney

    Spinney I have a foot roller from decathlon which is tennis ball sized with the make up of a foam roller. I read morealso just bought a pair of oofos ooriginal recovery sandals which are meant to be good for this. I don't know if they work for this as it's not something I suffer from but they are very comfortable after a run.

    0 20 Apr 17
  3. Emily

    Emily I was just looking for a new massager and found this thread. I would also like to hear a few opinions or what the best foot massager today is. Also i would like to note that i had an Medimassager foot massager, a 2014 model, however, after 2.5 years it stopped working so i wondering if i shall go with new model or just buy the same model again. Any recommendations are highly appreciated!

    0 20 Apr 17
  4. EL

    Elisa1309 Thanks for sharing. I already have wooden roller, but not satisfied with that. I never tried read morefrozen bottle, that might be good option. Otherwise, I'll go for one, I'm little curious.

    0 17 Nov 16
  5. I also had success with the frozen water bottle treatment. One word of caution, you might want to read moreuse a plastic bottle - my husband tried it first time using an empty wine bottle (we usually have one or two knocking around, ahem) and after a couple of uses it exploded all over the living room floor!

    0 15 Nov 16
  6. NO

    nobby I second the 'frozen water bottle' and exercise treatment - it worked for me, and pretty quickly. read moreI'd try that, and the ball, before shelling out all that money!

    0 15 Nov 16
  7. njwood

    njwood I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis after my first HM in October, my physio recommended rolling read moremy foot over a frozen bottle of water a couple of times a day and some stretching exercises for my calves. 2 weeks later I was totally pain free and started running again...so far not a single problem. I don't think you need to buy anything.He also said a golf ball was an option....

    0 15 Nov 16
  8. Daisy70

    Daisy70 I have none of the above - I use a golf ball that my daughter found at a local country park. It does the job really well.

    0 15 Nov 16