Are you beach body ready? Or does the idea fill you with dread? Join the debate!

Are you keen to get beach body ready for the summer? Or does the idea of aspiring to unrealistic beauty ideals fill you will dread? In the wake of The London Mayor's body shaming ad ban we want to know your thoughts! JOIN THE DEBATE

The Running Bug The Running Bug

1 16 4 Jul 16

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  1. JO

    John Hmmmm. I took up running and used my fitness pal to lose a lot of fat to the stage that I felt read morealmost comfortable to take my top off in public. However because I had lost so much I started 'treating' myself too much and have put on weight again dispite running a lot, five to six times a week. Unfortunately I love food and have a sweet tooth. 'YOU CANT OUTRUN A BAD DIET'

    0 10 Nov 18
  2. Edward Batch

    Edward Batch I have a beach body, I look like a washed up whale; which you find on a beach; right ?

    0 6 Nov 18
  3. Dee27

    Dee27 The idea of toning up for summer does motivate me, but I'd never obsess about it or put people down read morefor not being a perfect size or shape (that includes me of course!!) It's just a matter of keeping things in perspective I think.

    0 10 Jan 18
  4. reid7606

    reid7606 Yup, I just need to top up my built in beer keg and I'll be ready for summer

    0 7 Jan 18
  5. LeBethanie

    LeBethanie Apologies, I lost the ability to write coherent sentences particularly in the last paragraph.

    0 12 Jul 16
  6. LeBethanie

    LeBethanie I believe my body is beach ready. There are parts I'm less than keen on but I also know that read morethere is not one other person out there who doesn't look in the mirror sometimes and think "Hmm, I could work on that".I've realised that the only person I should compare myself against is me and whilst I accept I don't look as perky and firm as I did at 21, my bod has gone through a fair bit in the last 20 years and it's holding up pretty well considering.I think the problem with images in the media are that they are just not realistic. Youngsters now think they are supposed to look as if they have been photoshopped and that is just not possible, even Elle McPherson doesn't look as she is portrayed in images.

    0 12 Jul 16
  7. Jen090393

    Jen090393 Well I have a bikini, sun cream and a towel so I'd say I'm pretty ready, doesn't matter if I have rock hard abs or rolls!

    0 11 Jul 16
  8. Di

    Di Yep my body is beach ready. If other people think otherwise, that's their problem. I'm fit and read morehealthy, my body just shows that I wasn't always so. 

    0 10 Jul 16
  9. Jilly

    Jilly Lol Daisy ;)

    0 9 Jul 16
  10. Daisy70

    Daisy70 If my body is on a beach then it's a beach body; that's all I have to say.

    1 9 Jul 16
  11. lucybaps

    lucybaps I've just been to Ibiza and you really do see all sorts on the beach so the idea of there being an read moreideal is just daft. This year I was in a size 10 bikini, a couple of years ago I was in a 16 and while I'm fitter and healthier now I think I looked just fine back then.

    0 7 Jul 16
  12. AL

    ali carr It puts an unrealistic pressure upon people to think they have to have a body like this to be able read moreto put a bikini or a pair of shorts... you wonder why we are a paranoid bunch of people who are assumed of our bodies... have a goal in life but be happy with the tools you were given!...

    0 7 Jul 16
  13. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield In answer to the questions: no, and no.

    0 5 Jul 16
  14. Saoirsek

    Saoirsek Living in Ireland means beach ready involves a wetsuit Ps I hate that beach body body shaming crap

    0 4 Jul 16
  15. JA

    jaffajen I don't think aspiring to have a stronger, fitter, more mobile body is anything to be ashamed of but read morewhen I see the phrase 'beach body' or anything alluding to the fact you should be too ashamed to wear a swimsuit unless you are aesthetically perfect fills me with white hot rage and I just would avoid it entirely. In short, no body-shaming but please continue to include strategies for increased health and fitness.

    0 4 Jul 16
  16. Darren.b

    Darren.b Can't think of  anything more boring than lounging on a beach. Ive only got one body, and it's ready for anything!

    0 4 Jul 16