Back to winning ways

Hello. I didn’t realise how much I had let myself go and then when I turned 60 in June I was invited to my gp’s surgery for a free health check.

I failed miserably on all counts the only positive was I am a non smoker. Since then I have been on a diet and light exercise programme and have lost 44 pounds in weight and am currently on week 3 of the couch to 5k.

I cannot begin to describe how much better I feel I really do have much more energy and no aches and pains.

I have gone From a 44” waist to 36” and feeling fitter all the time.

I have to return to the gp in January for a further assessment so hopefully I’ll get a few more positive results instead of the telling off I got back in June.

My wife is a nurse so I at least know my bp is improved.

Terry M Terry M

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  1. SharonMc

    SharonMc That's a great improvement all round Terry - well done! As the others have said log your runs on read morehere and you'll get lots of encouragement, another idea is when you've built up the distance a little (don't know how far you are going at the moment) is to find your local park run, they are a great way to start the weekend with lots of likeminded people :)

    0 6 Dec 18
  2. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew In our heads were all like Mo. Get the run logged Terry, we can all follow then. Well done today though.

    0 6 Dec 18
  3. Terry M

    Terry M Thanks everyone for a lovely welcome. Just back from my c2 5k session. I was just like Mo Farra 😆

    0 6 Dec 18
  4. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Thats fantastic, you've obviously loads of determination and I'm sure you'll get to the 5k in style. read moreI notice you dont log any runs on here, if you do that, start following people, you will get no end of help and encouragement on here, just join in.

    0 6 Dec 18
  5. rob k

    rob k Great start, welcome to The Bug!

    0 5 Dec 18
  6. Ruth M C

    Ruth M C Well done Terry. A really positive story and I'm sure that you will pass the GP assessment with read moreflying colours in January. Log your runs on here and get some Bug friends which will really help moving forward!

    0 5 Dec 18