Barefoot running c25k with hyper mobility/flat feet after hairline fracture in talus


transitioning to barefoot since a couple years now. About a year ago I did an 8 week cross fit/HIIT crash course in barefoot which was amazing, and then a couple months later started c25k in barefoot shoes. Loved it so much.

5 weeks into running took a week's break due to illness/lack of warm clothes and noticed an increasingly excruciating pain in my ankle. I thought it's probably sprained, so hung on in there but after 3 weeks of it getting worse I went to have it x-rayed and found out what I suspected, micro tears in the tendons on the outside of the ankle and also that there was a hairline/stress fracture in the talus. *eak*

Had to stop running, waited 2 months for physiotherapy appointment, where I was told that I was flat footed (that I knew) and hypermobile (that I didn't know) and they referred me to a podiatrist 'who would be able to check the biomechanics of me running. I did have a tiny bit of hope this appointment could be genuinely useful... However, after I told the podiatrist all about barefoot shoes and running and whatnot she looked at me as if I was mad and handed me a pair of insoles. :/

So here I am trying to work out how I can get back to running without causing myself permanent damage to my ankle. Been going round in circles for a few weeks now, reading forums about barefoot running and hyper mobility, read about different ways of lacing up barefoot shoes to make them more stable for flat feet, also read about increasing my steps per minute for a more 'pancake' footed landing, etc.

I bought a paid of Merrell Vapour Glove 2 as they have laces I can adapt as per the article I mentioned above, (sadly they're 1/2 a size too large I think but I can rectify that). Been using vibrate five fingers birkam previously. Buying a built up running shoe feels like taking a step back with the whole transitioning, but if that helps the ankle...? Is there any middle ground? Is there a just mildly built up shoe I could use?

I am scared I could do some serious damage to my ankle, but I really need to get back to doing something physical, I am approaching mid 40s, I am overweight, I had a blood test recently for which I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning because of (and I quote) the 'lipids' and so here I am.

Please could someone tell me what to do?

WI Wibke

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  1. meercat 58

    meercat 58 That's brilliant ! Really pleased you're getting some answers and a good plan to get you back on the read moreroad! Best of luck with your training 👍👍💪💪

    0 23 Apr 17
  2. WI

    Wibke Quick update: Gait analysis was awesome and really insightful and confirmed my transition into read morebarefoot shoes is going really well and the physiotherapist encouraged me to hang back with running and instead focus on a number of strength exercises to strengthen the ankles as well as connect up to the knee and hip, focus on alignment and form for the time being and then get back to see him about running. Worth every penny! So glad I went! Thank you Meercat 58 go your advice! <3

    0 23 Apr 17
  3. Fagawee

    Fagawee If you love running stick with that and protect your feet! I do understand the challenges you may read morelove but the protection of your feet will come a long way. Good luck

    0 21 Apr 17
  4. meercat 58

    meercat 58 Fingers crossed for you 👍👍

    0 4 Apr 17
  5. WI

    Wibke Booked in for a Gait analysis on Thursday with a local sports physiotherapy clinic. £60... Please let it be worth it!

    0 4 Apr 17
  6. meercat 58

    meercat 58 Hiya it all sounds really frustrating. ! I would search out a good sports physio who is probably the read morebest placed professional to answer your questions. Im guessing the physio you saw previously was via the NHS and therefore probably a generic physio rather than a sports physio and there is a lot of difference! Really hope you get it sorted

    0 4 Apr 17
  7. WI

    Wibke No one?

    0 4 Apr 17