Beginner marathon training

I will be doing my first marathon in December 2019. I have completed several half’s mainly waking. I am currently using the 10k training and plan on running for the first time. I viewed the plans for a full and most long runs are by minutes not distance. Is that enough for training a full? It looks like the longest run is 2 hours 15 minutes. I am just looking into the beginner version not the advanced. Thanks for listening

VE Veronica

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  1. Ruth M C

    Ruth M C Well done Veronica. You are going to love that 1st marathon! Really good advise from 'the girls'. i read moreagree, 2 hr 15 mins is way too little time on your feet, so a mileage schedule would probably suit you best for the 1st attempt. As well as Hal etc, take a look at Jenny Hadfield; good if you like cross training included. Good luck. Get yourself some Bug friends pronto!

    0 5 Dec 18
  2. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Hi Veronica - I'd definitely go find a plan that works in miles not time - a longest run of 2 1/4 read morehours is probably not going to be enough. As Amanda said Hal Higdon plans are popular though if you want one for a phone app there are plenty out there from the likes of My Asics, Nike +, Endomondo, Runkeeper and if you want in-run entertainment to keep you occupied then Zombies run might work for you. Get logging your runs on here and make some friends and you'll get plenty of support, good advice and encouragement all the way to the start line. Good luck with it all :)

    0 5 Dec 18
  3. Amanda

    Amanda Hi Veronica, well done on signing up for your 1st full marathon. You have given yourself lot's of read moretime there always a good thing gives you room to change things around when life gets busy.

    Have a look at Hal Higdon it gives set miles to do with a steady increase over the weeks. Depending on where you are at you have a choice of novice, intermediate etc.

    You could also log your runs on the bug, make some friends and get lot's of additional support and advise. Good luck

    1 3 Dec 18