Brighton marathon

I'm running the marathon for the first time just about to start training( yes I know I've left it late!)... Any hints and tips?.... Am I best o run longer but at a slower pace to start off with or shorter faster bursts?... Help!... Panicking now....

EM Emma ball

0 19 31 Dec 15

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  1. EM

    Emma ball I'm trying to do one hill run per week I'm struggling to get past the 7-8 mile mark at the minute read moreits so demoralising ... Have had two days off in a row.. Haven't had the best of diets .. Succumbed to a cadburys choc rabbit today !... Am going to attempt a 10 miler tomorrow .. Its just so freezing cold wet n windy doesn't inspire me to go outdoors !

    0 13 Feb 16
  2. CL

    claire.murphy.1293 I try to avoid hills but I have started doing 1 hill run a week! It's painful and burns but it's read morebest to be prepared I guess! Like you say, it's the mileage that counts so we have to just be proud to be even doing a marathon! 

    0 13 Feb 16
  3. CL

    claire.murphy.1293 I'm so glad others are going through the same thing. That's annoying for you about the mix up. Maybe next year then! 

    0 13 Feb 16
  4. Eliza Devereux

    Eliza Devereux Hi Claire, am doing my Brighton training but off plan with a cold last fortnight. I don't worry read moreabout pace at moment as think will always be slow. I tend to run at ten minute miles whatever distance (only ever done two half marathons) in a race, but eleven minute miles when I'm on my own. Perhaps we should try some horrid hills!

    0 13 Feb 16
  5. Melanie Wiley

    Melanie Wiley Hi Claire I am finding the same my pace is getting slower and slower! I entered the Brighton half by read moreaccident instead of Marathon! So won't be there but good luck and let me know how you get on. I think distance is the most important as you can work on pace by doing some shorter faster runs.

    0 8 Feb 16
  6. CL

    claire.murphy.1293 This is really helpful advice as I've started worrying about pace this week. Thank you.

    0 6 Feb 16
  7. Linda 1962

    Linda 1962 Did 11 miles today was ok but scary how many more still need to do !

    0 6 Feb 16
  8. EM

    Emma ball Cheers guy.. Still slogging on !... Road seems to get longer and longer...

    0 6 Feb 16
  9. sashasmith15

    sashasmith15 Hey Emma! Im doing Brighton this year and it's my first marathon! I can run 3-5 miles at the read moremoment but haven't really been much of a runner! I'm doing the asics training plan which is great as you can download it as an app and helps to log your runs etc! :))

    0 14 Jan 16
  10. Linda 1962

    Linda 1962 Hi  I am doing Brighton for the second time this year. There is one long drag of a hill at read moreabout 7 miles apart from that its not too bad. Good luck with the training my training started properly this week.

    0 5 Jan 16
  11. EM

    Emma ball Oh ok ill look that up... Thank you...

    0 5 Jan 16
  12. Miranda_K

    Miranda_K I'm using an edited version of the Hal Higdon beginner plan to also run my first marathon which is read morealso Brighton, so see you there! I'm currently running 3 x per week with 1 x X-training but trying to run 4 x a week with 1 x x-training session in. 

    0 5 Jan 16
  13. EM

    Emma ball Ps how many rest days per week ?

    0 5 Jan 16
  14. EM

    Emma ball Thanks for all the comments.. Am up to 3.5 miles.. Was hard going today with the wind and rain.. read moreAnyone know if the brighton marathon is very hilly ?

    0 5 Jan 16
  15. Jakeoz

    Jakeoz I'll see you on the start line! Like everyone else has said, don't worry as there's still time to read morestart. Just get yourself sorted now and make sure you concentrate on increasing the mileage. Seems daunting at first, but once you get used to it you realise it's not so bad - the hardest part is all in your mind! 

    0 2 Jan 16
  16. sibods

    sibods Hi emma no need to panic yet find yourself a marathon plan online,but remember the long slow run is read morewhat will get you up to distance.Don't worry about pace at all just run well within yourself and build the distance the pace will come with the consistent mileage,rest days are essential also as they allow the body to recover and build from all the miles you are putting in.Good luck and enjoy the race 

    0 1 Jan 16
  17. AN

    Anonymous Hi Emma , you're only a few days late in starting a 16 week training plan. Go online and Google for read morea training plan relative to what time you want to run the marathon in. Good luck :)

    0 1 Jan 16
  18. EM

    Emma ball Thank you ... Will dust off my trainers in the morning...

    0 1 Jan 16
  19. markmywords2

    markmywords2 Build it up slowly and gradually. At this stage you don't need to worry about any speed, it's all read moreabout building a base and getting the miles in.Probably a good idea to look at the asics marathon plans (or similar).Good luck, it's a lovely race!

    0 31 Dec 15